Return of the Match, Return of the Match

This is the Greatest Show….

I’m not really fussed for the Premier League, Sunderland have decided to have a hiatus from the top 2 divisions for a few years. Following the EFL turning out to be unable to make a sensible, ethical, correct sporting decision , it could be as long as 3 years til we are in the top flight again and as much as 5 years til we are in Europe.

Despite my apathy, a bit of footie on TV is a huge positive after a grim few months? I’m obviously pleased that Jordan Henderson is about to lift the Premier League Trophy,  he’s definitely coming back to play for us one day isn’t he?

Sunderland – Premier League Champions 2019-2020, **

The Camera Never Lies……

1-0 Sheff U….. Get In!!⚽️

I fancied Sheffield United in a big way last night, even had a modest bet on them. Not a vintage game, but United scored the only goal of the game in a 0-0 draw…

“But he’s got a watch that says if the ball has crossed the line?” ……”yeah his watch wasn’t working”
“OK, but the assistant ref can speak to him via Bluetooth and say it crossed the line?”….. ‘yeah, he didn’t bother”

(** sort of)

“OK, but the Villa gaffer went mental when a Leeds scored with a Villa player down, surely he could have done the right thing like the Leeds manager did”……..”yeah, he didn’t seem as bothered last night”
“OK, but we’ve got video evidence in football now?”….. “yeah, didn’t show up on the screens I’m afraid”……”OK, but we’ve spent millions on VAR, and got a team of experts watching from every angle?”

Man City game was better, but then you’d expect so with better players involved. 

Whilst this may look like Social Distancing, it’s actually a demonstration of how the Arsenal defence will line up tonight


I’ve cut my own hair recently due to Hairdressers not being open, I think it looks ok. It has been described as a mess, looks like a coconut, not very good…. but needs must, as the law dictates that I can’t get it cut professionally. I’m not too worried because unless someone who you share a house with is a hairdresser, there’s no other option?

They can’t all live with hairdressers??


It’s not football as we know it, but it’s a start, welcome back football – I’ve missed you…….

Wise, wise words – but it’s a start I guess?
SAFCBlog – Tired Format and nowhere near as good as last season- FTM

Backed Sheffield United to win at 13/8…. where do I collect my winnings??

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