Rochdale v Sunderland review

Sunderland fans celebrate the George Honeyman winner at Rochdale

Rochdale v Sunderland review

After a tremendous Wednesday at Accrington; we’re headed in the same direction- this time to Rochdale. Late change of plan – ordered some hospitality as I’m having to combine football with childcare. Having sported trainers in Club Wembley on Sunday – Rochdale advise “strictly no trainers!”.

Groomed and ready for Rochdale v Sunderland!!

Groomed and ready for Rochdale v Sunderland
“Groomed” and ready for a visit to Rochdale…
Steady drive over – beautiful part of the world when the sun is shining. Arriving in Rochdale for the Sunderland match

Did Lisa ever find her baby?

Queue for fucking ages to collect tickets – Rochdale don’t post them out; which is really handy when you live 80 miles from the SOL. Still at least they’ve prepared for the situation….. have they hell – 2 girls handing out tickets, (I’ve never worked in a ticket office – but if I did I’d implement a system of putting the tickets in alphabetical order!)

Tickets collected – let the fun begin

Last week was a cup final we weren’t arsed about – this week literally is their cup final Rochdale v Sunderland comemerative mug!! Rochdale v Sunderland teams take to the pitch Sunderland fan has a famous Rochdale pie Suit jacket, Daily Telegraph, pie …. more questions than answers here Rochdale v Sunderland

Rochdale 1 Sunderland 2

Whilst we’ve been mostly shit for the previous 4 seasons – our fans are tremendous
1st half 0-1 2nd half 2-1 Sunderland win at Rochdale Yesssssss Sunderland fans celebrate the George Honeyman winner at Rochdale Hands up if you’re going up Job done. Great win. Meet rest of our group, (thanks for the photos Jeff), and head home. Slow exit from Rochdale – highlight of which was a group of Indian folk having a row and blocking the road. Didn’t get photos as didn’t want to get involved. But for anyone interested – I’m sure it’s a scene that happens most days in Rochdale, (allegedly) Jubilant drive home over the Pennines SAFC Blog
Crossing the border into Yorkshire – no passports needed… just a quick count of your fingers please.
Onto Tuesday night. In Jack we Trust. FTM Thanks for reading – please share. Burton preview to follow on Sunday

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