Rochdale vs Sunderland preview 20/08/19

Games keep coming thick and fast, our 2nd of 3 consecutive Tuesday nights in Lancashire sees us visiting Rochdale. SAFCBlog predicted in the summer that Rochdale would stay up, (just), this season. To be fair, having finished 16th last season, they’ve started the season really well…..

  • 3-2 away win at Tranmere, (both Tranmere’s goals in stoppage time – so probably more comfortable than it sounds?)
  • 1-1 draw vs Doncaster at home, (foiled by a 92nd minute equaliser)
  • 5-2 cup win vs Bolton; whilst Bolton are in turmoil, they’d only conceded twice in their opening two games

Last years trip to Rochdale was magic….

Rochdale vs Sunderland preview
“Thank goodness for that……
Rochdale vs Sunderland preview
…….. job done. Delighted, I really didn’t fancy the lottery of the play offs……..”

Having taken 6 points from Accrington and Rochdale, we then followed it up with a 1-1 draw with Burton and 4-5 vs Coventry, (so 1 point from 2 home games undid the good work we’d done in Lancashire).

SAFCBlog are daft enough to go to all the games, but a £5 increase from £22 to £27 is not exactly in line with inflation? I assume, (in line with EFL rules), that the walk up price for home fans is £27? I don’t know anything about the infrastructure of Rochdale….. but in my opinion, this is piss poor and not a good long term template, (as always, game of opinions).

£27 aside, it’s a decent view and the stand lends itself to making some good noise; added to this – both home ends make some serious noise, it’s a ground where 5’000 can create a great atmosphere.

Personal preference, but a trip to Lancashire offers a great opportunity to have a pie…..

Rochdale vs Sunderland preview 20/08/19
A pie at Rochdale yesterday
a Rochdale pie
Suit jacket ✅ Daily Telegraph ✅ pie✅ Definitely more questions than answers here?
an Accrington pie
£3.50 well spent st Accrington….. over to you Rochdale

As mentioned, they’ve started the season well, Keith Hill was their manager for over 6 years leading up to March 2019, they are now managed by Brian-Barry Murphy, (3 Christian names??). Whilst Keith Hill dressed well, the new manager is a bit tracksuit, (sports direct), so Jack wins best dressed without any real challenge….

Rochdale vs Sunderland preview 20/08/19
Rochdale Gaffer……Looks a bit like Will Grigg?

Always enjoy a trip to Rochdale, (last season and lots with York over the years). In keeping with previous SAFCBlog previews, a quick mention for a few famous folk from Rochdale…..

Cyril Smith – Big fat nonce, (allegedly)

Anna Friel……. not 100% sure you read the blog Anna – but if you do, I’d like to invite you to our 2019 Xmas do, (you can stay at my gaff)

SAFCBlog predicts …..

Rochdale 1 Sunderland 2


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