Rotherham – The Day After….

I wasn’t really in the mood to offer much of a review of the game last night, having sleep on it, sadly it doesn’t seem any better today than it did yesterday. There were however a few positives to be taken;

  • There was only one reasonable sized car park, it was only £2, (just make it £5 lads, people will pay it)
  • Whilst it was a similar result to Portsmouth, at least I was home at a reasonable hour and dry, as opposed to 2am and drenched
  • The hot dogs were ok

Sadly there were far more negatives……

  • We were terrible, 2nd best in every department
  • We bounced back well after Portsmouth, so we must look to do the same again, I’d rather lose the odd game than have 19 draws, you get zero points whether you lose 1-0 or 9-0, but…. Getting dicked 4-0 and 5-1 is a huge concern, it’s not generally what decent teams do?
  • We could have been 3-0 down before we equalised, you’d then hope we’d take advantage of this get out of jail card, we categorically didn’t
  • The game was already lost, but the ill discipline shown by McGeady was an embarrassment
  • I’m generally pretty positive, but it’s a simple observation that Hoffman doesn’t come off his line, any half decent delivery into the box and we’re fucked.

The Case For The Defence….

  • We were an absolute shambles at the back
  • Some favour ‘Zonal Marking’, some prefer ‘Man to Man Marking’, doing neither is not a good approach?
1………. 2…………. 3……….. 4…………. 5……………

Up Next……. Wednesday on Tuesday

  • We go again, it’s the only way
  • Preview tomorrow night at the award winning, (**), SAFCBlog
  • We we’re abject yesterday, we go again Tuesday night, see you there
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