SAFC 0 vs BFC 0, Match Report.

October is a mad month games wise, we have a tough run coming up, after a frustrating draw vs Preston on Saturday, it felt like we could really do with a win tonight?

Having missed the game on Saturday it feels like an age since I was at the SOL, I love night games at home, although it does sometimes feel like a long day waiting for the match?


SAFCBlog doesn’t get much correspondence, Garry ’Hotpants’ Summerson and Kris Day are prolific with their feedback. I had 2 emails today, one from some bint in Durham telling me not to rude on Twitter to that big fat lad who is something to with Fritidsklader and one from a bloke in Northampton once again suggesting that the SAFCBlog Competitions are fixed. Much as I was delighted with the coasters from Darren and the highlighter pens from a stone mason in Gateshead, (notepad research still ongoing), please don’t feel the need to send me stupid fucking emails.

Right on cue, Farmhand, Fanny Magnet and SAFCBlog Superfan Garry Summerson, has been in touch today.


As aforementioned I missed the game on Saturday as I had something much more important go do, all is well there✅

SAFCBlog Competition News….

Whilst there’s an obvious need to be in it to win it, winning once is lucky, winning twice is luckier? Congratulations to Garry Summerson, who has,(again),won the, (randomly drawn), SAFCBlog Competition in conjunction with Fritidsklader. Well done Garry, your limited edition t shirt should be with you tomorrow💥

The Management….

I’ll be honest, I was really warming to Alex Neil, ultimately he succeeded where others failed? I don’t have a huge problem with him taking the opportunity to accept the opportunity to more than double his salary to go and try and keep a tinpot club in the division. I do however have a huge problem with the the timing and conduct that the Scotch Prick decided to pursue. Anyway, he can get fucked.

Not a fucking chance that this true? 10’000 my arse.
Trainers seem to be the order of the day for Tony now, I’m ok with that✅

I wasn’t thrilled with his appointment, but i’m on board 100% now, he just seems to get it?

Yes Tony, fucking love anything like this⚽️✅

Everyone of us will have at some stage belted out, I can’t help falling in love you whilst watching SAFC, in reality it’s utter nonsense for cool cats like SAFCBlog to be so positive so soon, but contrary to perceived norms, he’s only been with us for a month or so and I’m definitely feeling very uncharacteristically giddy about him being here, time will tell I guess, but we are in good hands.

Good journey – no traffic


The Match….

Not great, we were the better team first half, they were the better team 2nd half, probably a fair result. Playing without a striker isn’t good, Pritchard normally looks fucked 65 minutes, he looks tired from the off now? He needs a rest, we have options, start Bennette or someone French the obvious option? Dajuku is not the answer.

They were very comfortable keeping us at bay for 45 minutes, I suspect at half time they realised they could beat us? Not a great game, but that’s the beauty of live sport, you never know what you’re going to get?

0-0, fair result⚽️

The Positives…

Having said a few weeks ago we might not draw 0-0 all season, that’s 2 in 4 days! I’ll analyse properly tomorrow, but given it’s a late night blog and Garry Summerson🥊will be reading in bed in the morning, a 3rd consecutive clean sheet looks highly unlikely?

We go again Saturday – all roads lead to Welsh Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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