SAFC 0 vs Norwich 1

A week is a long time in football? 7 days ago we won at Stoke and I genuinely felt I was starting to fall in love with Alex Neil….. I went to kip last night feeling a bit flat he was going, (but as previously said, just go). This morning I woke up feeling really pissed off with Alex Neil….. the timing in relation to the transfer window, going on a Friday, the fact that he waved at me as he walked off the pitch at Stoke no doubt having been tapped up by them? But fuck it, managers come and go, (admittedly 14 in 14 years is quite a lot?), the fans remain, so just fuck off to Stoke Alex✅ The reality check after a few hours kip was, Dyche ain’t coming here? If we can’t keep Alex Neil, we ain’t getting Dyche?

Whilst it seemed to happen alarmingly quickly, I understand that it takes time to finalise stuff, We may as well have the compensation? Tony Mowbray, (more on him later), was at our game today, he’s not in employment though, for me it’s hugely inappropriate for Alex Neil to be at the Stoke game today, (strictly speaking he’d not left left employment with us?)

No need Alex
Last ever mention of Alex Neil on SAFCBlog


Aside from the Managerial Situation, we had a game today, a big game. Norwich are decent, anyone finishing above them will probably be playing Premiership footie next season? Equally as exciting was the SAFCBlog Photographer Situation, another trialist brought in today to see if he is any good?

How fucking hard is it Gaz?
One job? How fucking hard is it? Applications welcome.

The Match ….

  • Big ask today
  • The commitment was brilliant
  • Much the better team 1st half, they looked rattled at the back
  • They missed from a yard, but aside from that we had the better chances, you’ll never see a better bit of defending than the header to deny Evans?
  • Rattled the bar and the rebound cleared off the line in the 2nd half
  • They grew into the game, took their goal well
  • Once ahead they saw the game out fairly comfortably
  • Fair play to the Norwich fans, decent turnout for a daft kick off time
  • Ref was shite
  • The aim for me this season was to be competitive and stay up, we look like we’ll be ok


  • Subs a huge part of the game, especially now you’re allowed 5 of them, (yes half a team)
  • It was fairly hot today
An admittedly strong bench, but on 60 minutes they made a triple change that gave them a real lift
  • Whilst I’ve not, (to date), managed a Championship team, it was evident after 65 minutes that Pritchard and Neil were blowing out of their arses?
  • It needed changing between 65 and 75 minutes, we didn’t change it, their goal on 77 minutes had an air of availability
  • I guess the difference between making these decisions vs not making them, is the difference between having a manager vs not having a manager?
That’s a great question James, 5 months now…. the plant based options now are so much better than they were”

New Boss…..

Not checked any official sources, but it seems like Mowbray is the mew man, he wouldn’t have been my first choice, but…….
  • It was imperative we acted quickly
  • He seems a decent man
  • SAFCBlog will always back the gaffer
  • I’m pretty comfortable that the model is right? We will be fine this season
  • Emotional 36 hours, I’ll leave it til tomorrow or Monday to assess the appointment / welcome him to the job
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We go again Wednesday⚽️

  • It’s the only way?
  • See you at The Home of Football
  • Well done today lads – a great effort, and that’ll do for me
  • Onwards and Upwards
SAFCBlog – for life❤️⚽️ – FTM

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