SAFC 1 vs CCFC 1 …. Guest Blog Extravaganza

Proper football is back…

Back on substitute SAFCBlog duties after a hiatus… the regular high end journalist and photographer are off scratching their arses and drinking San Miguel abroad, so make sure your bar is set particularly low for this one, even worse than the usual shite, more wordy too (sorry Steve) 

The last football game I attended was a small event at Wembley on 21st May… that was alright wasn’t it? Opening day of the season today, first game back in the 2nd tier after what feels like a 1000 years, a long time coming and the small matter of some West Midlands club to contend with. Promotion is great, but the influence of Sky begins… 12:00 kick off on a Sunday. 

(Doesn’t that bloke in orange look like a supermodel?)

Should be a big crowd today, another display planned. I thought the SWFC P/O display was brilliant, more of that today please. 


The Specials, The Enemy, Pete Waterman and that fucking stupid chippy everyone tweeted about for a week… other than that, I’m stuck. Naturally the 2nd tier will attract bigger clubs with bigger followings. Coventry appear to have festered some bizarre disliking of SAFC. Every club has a knobhead contingent who behave like idiots, a portion of their fans acted as such during their last visit to the SOL… let’s just smash them and send them packing back down the A1


1st half

Decent chance for Stewart, not connected well

Evans rusty, couple of poor touches/ passes

Ballard started well, looks solid. Needs to be careful though as he looks as though he could crunch someone and get sent off

Goal made from great play by Gooch. Cov keeper gone for a bovril at the bar and was nowhere to be seen

SAFC look completely comfortable and in control

Coventry poor in the final third

Clear step up in quality and pace from L1 and SAFC look more than up to the task. 

Great strike from Cov about 35 yards out, Patterson looks as though he tips it onto the bar, SAFCBlog super computer replays currently offline so unable to tell

Cov more lively towards end of 1st half

Display superb, well done to all involved 

2nd half

Embleton fires one over early doors

Dangerous Cov free kick on 51, whipped in, good defending from Batth 

Coventry miss a golden opportunity 7-8 yards out and put it wide. Pressure on 2nd half and Cov  closing down more aggressively

Not a good start to the 2nd half, passes being misplaced, a clinical side would’ve been 2-1 up

Goal Coventry, fired straight into the bottom right corner. Felt like it was coming this half, not as composed or comfortable on the ball

As aforementioned, Cov fans throwing flares again. Players change. Managers change. Arseholes don’t

O’Nien looks lucky not to be sent off for sliding in. 

Stewart coming too deep. Dan Neil very quiet 2nd half. 

A point is a point, lesson to be learnt from the 2nd half. Much uglier, pace slower and Coventry digging in harder. Onto Bristol. Sure most would’ve taken a point before kick off. Massive step up in quality in this league. Still some more additions needed to improve the squad depth. 

SAFC blog substitute blogger signing off… Doncaster’s very own David Gandy, more like the Royle Family’s Dave Best

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