SAFC 1 vs SUFC 2

Great day at Norwich, I really, really fancied us last night, it wasn’t to be.

The Match

0-35 minutes, they were the better side, It’s very rare that a team looks better in possession than us, Sheff Utd moved the ball really well, we barely had a kick in the first 20 minutes

Goal, great strike from Michut, 1-0

3 minutes added time, let’s just go in at 1-0? Shocking pass from Roberts, well taken goal, 1-1

2nd half, they score, we respond well, hitting the post and forcing a good save

Full time, 1-2, best team won, we couldn’t match their physicality and ditto every game, no strikers = no threat = no goals = defeat = zero points

The officials

The ref will always take the flak, he didn’t control the game well, (to be fair Hume could have got a red card rather than a yellow?} For me the main issue was the lineman on the West Stand side, just put your flag up, the ref will back you. We didn’t deserve to win, but the winning goal was a joke, no excuse to miss the offside from a set piece, just look in a straight line pal?

Appalling and inexcusable decision

VAR, what is it good for?

It would have been good for a point last night?

Game time

When paying money to watch football there’s no guarantee of entertainment, but time wasting is killing the game? 97 minutes = about 52 minutes of game time, that’s piss poor. Feigning injury is nothing new, but this season cramp seems to have become an injury? It’s absolute nonsense- I’m not playing professional football on Saturday, although I’m on annual leave tomorrow, I’ve not worked out for 2 weeks, I’m going to fucking hammer it tomorrow, on Saturday my thighs and stomach muscles will be sore as fuck, it’s not an injury though? The game stopping for players to be treated for cramp has to stop?

Automatic promotion

Fair play to Sheff Utd, the reaction of the staff and players at the end said everything about how important the result was to them, fair play to their fans too, aside from Burnley they have been the first to be so audible all season. A trip to Sheffield is my favourite away day for lots and lots of reasons, at least we’ll have Sheff Weds next season? Our last 4 trips have been night matches, can we please have a 3pm Saturday next season please EFL? Would be nice to get up early and make a full day of it, I’m ready now.

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