SAFC 1 vs Swansea 3, shite day⚽️🦢

Stunning day in Wearside, 40’000 at the SOL, I was convinced we’d win, we didn’t. I often refer to the idea of what else are you going to do on a Saturday? It wasn’t our day yesterday, it was a day to stay in bed, walk the dog, wash and condition your hair etc, but we go again next weekend, it’s the only way?

The match

  • Started well
  • Daft challenge and a deserved red
  • Always going to be be tough thereafter against a team who retain the ball so well? We did ok, but 10 vs 11 is tough and we were blowing out of our arses after an hour
  • 0-1, looked offside in realtime, it wasn’t as the ball was in the air for so long
  • 1-1, great goal, clever header from Stewart, (knew he couldn’t score), great finish from Dan Neil
  • 1-2, was getting a bovril, didn’t see
  • 1-3, shit defending, but a good finish
  • Mistakes cost games and points, O’Nein has been our best player this season, but he probably lost us the game yesterday?
Shit happens
Game over – not our day – we go again on Sunday🐶⚽️🐄


The sending off yesterday was the correct decision, the ref however was piss poor, I don’t believe it was bias, just more incompetence? The same ref had a mare in October at the SOL in October vs Wigan, (although in our favour), and let’s acknowledge that this decision was made in the Premiership yesterday?

Not interfering with play my arse?

The Interweb

IT not my bag, but the www is now no longer just based in County Durham and North Yorkshire, the official club website has millions of views, I’ve not, (to date), managed the website of a massive football club, but is it that hard to update? (We’re all busy?)

Just update it???? 19 edition’s of this shite since WBA defeat and it’s not even a proper job for me🐶🏴‍☠️
The Full 90 , that’s quite a niche watch?


“You might like?”

Dear World

Can we please stop this? I’m a male, (with a cock but not like Diallo), but FFS…. I’ve got 2 lovely daughters and I’m in love with a member of the fairer sex – but FFS…..


Better than December, chance to add to squad, for years we’ve signed shite, I trust the current recruitment process 100%

Despite not having a proper job as such, I’m busy this week🐶, Boro match preview pending, what a time to be alive fucking.

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