SAFC 1 vs SWFC 0 ….. Half Time

The Play Offs are a tough gig, losing in the semi is painful, losing a Wembley is excruciating, winning at Wembley always looks decent, although I’m not old enough to actually know the feeling. We all know the Play Offs are unpredictable, its only half time obviously, but I was really surprised to see Wycombe beat MK WimbleDons by two goals.

Last Night….,

It was highly unlikely that anything would decided last night, 1-0 is a good result for us whilst at the same time not too bad a result for them. Positive team selection from AN, we all have our opinions, for me Embleton should start in these big games, fingers crossed Broadhead can feature on Monday, we carry so much more attacking threat when he plays, not just because he’s decent, but also because it means Ross Stewart doesn’t end up so deep in search of the ball.

Game on…..

1st Half…..

  • We started well, although I guess they will feel similar, as no clear cut chances
  • The much feared Bannan looks completely off the pace
  • Their 3 giants at the back manage the game fairly well, the long ball over the top doesn’t trouble them
  • Right on half time the long ball over the top, leads to goal

2nd Half…..

  • 45-60 minutes, we had chances to make it 2-0, which could easily have seen 1-0 become 3-0?
  • Last 20, they controlled the game, (mostly through Bannan), which could easily have seen 1-0 become 1-1?

Lot’s of good performances tonight, the current CH pairing looks great, credit to Evans too who had his best game for us.


  • Just feels so similar to Portsmouth 4 years ago?
  • It’ll be bouncing, just need to not concede early
  • We’ve not lost in 13 games, same again please lads
  • Whilst I wasn’t hugely impressed with SWFC last night, to be fair they put more quality crosses into the box in the last 20 minutes than we did in 70 minutes
  • Nervous? oh aye…… nervous as fuck man ⚽️
  • Alex Neil is finally the man to take us up, hopefully it’s this year……
  • All roads lead to Sheffield…… see you there⚽️
It matters….. it matters so much….. so, so much ❤️⚽️

He Who Flares…….

…… loses

Can we just stop this? On a personal and professional level I’m deeply embroiled in the culture of football and the links to the casual movement, football scene, away days etc…… but FFS, its shite patter chucking smoke bombs every time we score? I’ve not, (to date), been in a supervisory role looking after spaniels trained to sniff out pyrotechnics….. but there seems to be not enough smelling and too much licking of bollocks?

“Right knobhead, we don’t, (to date), write a shite, (albeit prolific), blog as we don’t have fingers to type with…… but would you lick your own bollocks if you could? woof, woof ?”

It’s Half Time……the jobs Half Done….. Big night Monday – FTM

Half better than anything below 50%…… it might be half time….. but whoaaaaahhhhh we’re halfway there?⚽️ we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got……

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