SAFC 2 vs ITFC 0 …. HUGE Win

Journey North….

Whatever the Back Story to this, there are so many more questions than answers?
The City is a fever pitch…..
Excitement in the stadium is building to a frenzy…….


Strange formation from Ipswich?
“And we’re off…..”

0 – 25 minutes…… we understandably look nervous, Gooch looks dreadful, (again), everything is coming down our left with Gooch and O’Nien getting run ragged. Credit to LJ, who whilst their keeper was pretending to be injured, swapped Gooch and Embleton, Gooch is just as bad on the right, but at least he’s less damaging on this side?

They’ve had the best openings, and had the best 3 sights of goal – there number 29 is a good player, credit to Wright who twice forces him onto his left foot,(which he clearly doesn’t fancy at all)

I’ve been critical of LJ, but FFS if this is a crucial game in his tenure, the players really aren’t doing him any favours?

25 – 45 minutes….. few feisty challenges get the crowd going, looks like Stewart should have had a penalty? For all the ineptitude of the ref, it’s up to the Lino to give it?

Half time……. It was a bit fraught as the players left the pitch, we had 3 minutes added….. the players came out for the 2nd half at 4.09pm, that’s 69 minutes after kick off? 48+15 = 63….. I’d reckon they’ve had a right ruck in the tunnel? Contrary to usual media spin, this is exactly what we want to see⚽️💥

2nd half……

We are poor, they boss possession, we lack a spark….

McGeady on…… gives us a lift

Croatian German on….. gives us a lift

85 minutes…. Shite corner, shite goalkeeping somehow results in a goal ⚽️💥 1-0….. we looked like a team who needed a break? That’s a real break👍

93 minutes….. The referees at this level are terrible, generally from a fans perspective when you get a penalty it’s the right decision, when you concede one it’s not the right decision? All I will say is, if that had been given against us, there would have been absolute fucking uproar? It wasn’t though and McGeady smashed it home⚽️

Job Done ✅

Absolutely, I used the analogy last night of football being an exact science in terms of wins = points = success. We weren’t great, but a great result and 2 shite teams to play this week, time to kick on boys – all roads lead to Shrewsbury ⚽️⚽️

Luke O’Nien….

Polarises opinion, that’s fine, he’s obviously a passionate player – but FFS Luke, any player of any club simulating in an attempt to get an opponent sent off is not good, whilst I’m all for a bit of tunnel brawling, let’s stay away from this shite.

What A Fucking Time To Be Alive….

After the excitement of last nights new feature, Friday Music Requests….. (already got a backlog, with requests from Grindon’s number 1 food critic, a well dressed stone mason, a fashionista exiled in Cumbria and a fake doctor from the Cockwell Inn…. Exciting times indeed. Due to the unprecedented demand, requests for next week are now closed, (apologies to A Short-Arsed Bell End, of Oxford, who requested Fake by Alexander O’Neil…. Although the lousy bastard reversed the charges on the call, so he can fuck right off to Eastleigh FC or wherever).

Can a Blog be “too good?”….

Only time will tell, but tonight sees the launch of another exciting new feature….

SAFCBlog Matchday Last Word…. I’d like to be in the Championship, I’d really like to be in the Premiership, but due to being shite we are not in either and will have to wait a few years. Whatever you think of the Premiership, it’s Box Office #1, the Championship is Box Office #2 etc…. it’s just the footballing food chain?

Today’s Football Schedule…..
I like playing golf, this weekend the finest players in the world are playing for a £6 million purse in Dubai, understandably this attracts a tv audience of millions and is a huge sporting spectacle….. I’m thinking of playing 9 holes tomorrow, if SKY fancy covering it?
NB; International Break ✅ Free Entry ✅

Worlds gone fucking mad???

All Roads Lead to Shrewsbury 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️⚽️

Late Blog tonight, going to watch MOTD and see what Weetabix Head / Alan The Alnwick Audulterer has to say about those silly pricks up the road

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