SAFC 2 vs LTFC 1, Half Time

Another Great Day

This season has been fantastic, Monday was amazing, today was another great day. Luton finished 3rd and haven’t lost since December, they are no mugs, we are better away from from home, I always felt that yesterday was the tougher of the two games. Whilst it’s good to take a lead there, (Bedfordshire), I’d have settled for 1-1, to go there 2-1 up is brilliant, we will score down there, it’s my firm belief that we will have enough to progress to London, (North West). Credit to all involved, the atmosphere yesterday was unbelievable, probably the loudest I’ve heard the Stadium since the 3-2 vs Chelsea 7 years ago. We undoubtedly have the quality to hurt them down there, 100%.

1st Half

We play lovely football, they are physical and effective, we started pretty well, the goal after about 15 minutes was exactly the type of goal they were going to score, (all goals count as one goal)

0-1, Bollocks

Having been the better team for 15 minutes, they completely bossed the game for 20 minutes, after 37 minutes, I would have been happy to go in at 0-1, (and finish the game at 1-1). They completely smothered us for the 20 minutes after they scored. Then we got a free kick on 38 minutes, and we scored exactly the type of goal we can score, (all goals count as one goal)

“Just roll it to me Alex and I’ll whack it in the top bin with my regulation sized cock”

What a fucking goal

Even better on TV

2nd Half

For the second time in 6 days we were sublime in the 2nd half, it was a great goal to win it, (fucking short corners eh Michael?). The most promising thing for me was how ineffective they became once we were winning the game, if we can score early on Tuesday, we’ll smash these provincial airport nonces.

Job, (1/2), Done

This Team

The average is 22, we have 4 midfielders making up our back 4, we’ve played the season without a striker, we are fearless, I absolutely love this group of players, always will x

13 Days vs The Future

We have a chance of going up, that’s a wonderful achievement. Whether we do go up remains to be seen, but all is good. We’ve been a basket case for years, everything has changed this season, if we don’t get there in a few weeks, we will get there soon, there’s no stopping us, it’s human nature to want it to happen in a few weeks, but the reality is we have our wonderful club back and we can wait, it’s been said before, but I can’t help falling in love with you – fucking love this team, always will x

Luton Preview tomorrow, but don’t worry, we’ll be absolutely fine, 100% fine

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10 thoughts on “SAFC 2 vs LTFC 1, Half Time

    1. “provincial airport nonces” is an absolutely tremendous description! Haha

      They’ll have to push on at us on Tuesday and with the pace and talent we have in attack I can’t see anything other than us getting a goal or two and the draw we need. Haway the lads!

  1. Blogs like todays ( yesterdays ?) are why I love this blog ????
    The shit endured for the past 7-8 years ( realistically more if relegation scraps from the ‘promised land’ count) is ever so slowly being replaced by hope, excitement, enthusiasm & a yearning for more of the same , on a weekly basis
    No matter the outcome , whether that be Tuesday ,or at our second home , the future truly is , as bright as I , along with undoubtedly many others, could have possibly imagined

    Triffic stuff blogwriter gadgy ????????????

    1. Too kind. Love you long time my highlighter internet whore / friend – see you on Wembley Way

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