SAFC 2 vs QPR 2

If ever a draw was snatched from the jaws of victory, today was the day?

The record books will show this^…… but a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Hit The North……

Beautiful day, 29° and the sun has his/her hat on……
Sunderland….. 17° and misty

The Line Up…..

We were good last Saturday, we made 11 changes midweek and we were utter shite – neither surprised or disappointed to see the same 11 as last Saturday starting today ✅⚽️
Game On⚽️

First Half…..

  • We were excellent, both strikers scored
  • Could be 4-0, but going in at 2-0 is ok

Second Half……

  • They were better, (all relative, a low bar etc)
  • They miss a sitter
  • We nearly make it 3-0 a few times
  • 86 minutes, job done✅
    87 minutes, 1-2
  • 91 minutes, stunning double save from their keeper
  • 93 minutes, said keeper scores, 2-2


Going to dissect the game tomorrow, overall we played well today, Evans was once again fantastic. Ballard looks to have broken a bone in his foot? Do we not have a stretcher?


On balance I’d say so? Hindsight a wonderful thing, we need to wrap Pritchard in cotton wool as he’s our best player, if we win the game today his withdrawal, goes unnoticed? Game of finite margins 100%.

When Simms went off we seemed to lose our shape and revert to passing from the back, the next goal at 2-0 is always huge in any game, to be fair we looked home and dry at 2-0, we didn’t quite get over the line – we go again Wednesday⚽️?⚪️⚫️✅

Other News…..

Just as well you are cute Rocky?
Stop fucking eating things you big fat brown bastard?”
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Disappointing today, but 3 unbeaten is good. Tough game on Wednesday, but we will generally score in games so that gives you a chance in every game – game management not the best today, but we played well and we deserved to win – long season, we go again⚽️

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