SAFC 3 vs STFC 2 > a win > three points > job done….

Strange one today, for 25 minutes we were superb, for 50 minutes were fucking dire, for 15 minutes we were decent. When we went 2-0 up, for all the world it was game over, we got there in the end, but fucking hell we made hard work of it…..

1-0, good start….
2 zip…. game over > job done✅
4.55pm….. 3-2…. thank the Lord, (*Easter Bunny)
Happy Fucking Easter”

“What about Le Game, (French), Knobhead?”

Mental game that we deserved to win, whilst we weren’t great after the lengthly stoppage after about 30 minutes….. we did deserve to win, had we not hit the bar from a yard and theit keeper not saving from point blank range, we’d have won easy….

  • I like Alex Neil a lot, bold team selections, decent substitutions, yes we keep winning late, it’s not a coincidence
  • Tom Flanaghan is a L1 player, whilst he has a mistake in him, he scored a great goal today and acted responsibly….. shame that their number 8 chose to behave like an absolute prick?

“Sup up ya beer and collect your fags……”

…… not sure I can carry on like this lads?”

46 Games…….

Generally gets you what you deserve? We limped to 1 point from 12 whilst we courted a Sky Sports Pundit to be our gaffer…..conversely after 90 minutes of the last 3 games we had a return of 3 points, after added time this has resulted in 9 points….. onwards and fucking upwards you Red and White Wizards of Wonderland 🔴⚪️⚫️

“What is this achieving now?”

Job done > curry for lunch > it’s Friday not Saturday > saw a speedboat in hedge > complete

Look what you could have won……”

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