SAFC 4 vs HULL 4, Utter Madness

Great season✅ sadly we’ve just come up short, but it was right there after we beat Boro in January. Much has, (rightly), been made of the lack of striking options this season? But we’re the 4th highest scorers in the division and whilst yesterday was frustrating, if we score 4 goals in game, it’s not the offensive areas, that are costing us? It’s pretty much 4 years to the day that we saw a defensive disasterclass vs a shite Coventry side, yesterday had lots of similarities, Bathh and Patterson adhered to their defensive duties yesterday, Gooch, Hume and O’Nien were desperately poor.

8 goals

Mad game, great entertainment, dodgy defending all round, daft penalty to give away with seconds remaining, shocking 3rd goal as a result of Hume being poor, (assisted in equal shitness by Gooch)

Anyone with nothing better to do than read this, will have either been at the game or watched on TV, so not much to add re: the match

A Good Friday

Whilst not the type of cranky fucker to pursue internet friendships,I’ve been meaning to visit the World Famous Duck for about 3 years now, due to Terry’s support of the blog. Cheap beer, good service, decent venue – will be back soon Terry ✅

Cheers Terry, (pictured above), look forward to the next visit.

All roads lead to Cardiff

SAFCBlog has a better offer on Monday, 4 time guest blogger & male model Adam, will be writing the blog, (won’t be any better than usual)


We are no better when away from home, but the SOL is the only ground in this league, (I think?), where away fans are housed above home fans. Searches, sniffer dogs, (licking bollocks as per usual) don’t work, this won’t end well. Not exactly comparable to not replacing Ross Stewart, but not acting on a situation will not lead to it going away?

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