SAFC – a few midweek thoughts…..

SAFC – a few midweek thoughts…….I’ve seen the vast majority of Sunderland games for a significant number of years; it would be naive to not acknowledge we are at a pretty low ebb? SAFCBlog is built on positivity, (some may say blind optimism, stupidity, lunacy etc). I’m of the firm belief that we will get promoted this season, whilst we’ve had a few poor results of late; for me – we’ve looked better since Parkinson came in than we have done for years? As always, it’s a Game Of Opinions……. whilst it’s easy to say social media is full of idiots, (yes I know), the reality is…. optimism is on its arse? Fear not…. everything is going to be ok…..

Getting to where we are at present doesn’t happen overnight?


Whilst having 4 x great escapes was good fun, the reality is that by the time we went down the rot had set in? Most clubs go down on the back of being poor for 6 months? We were relegation fodder for 4 years? The great escapes were fun, but sadly by the time we went down, the job was fucked, (see you Saturday Sam).

SAFC - A Few Midweek Thoughts
Playing football without a heart….. difficult?”
SAFC - A Few Midweek Thoughts
I still have the odd dream about being a footballer….. I often talk my kids through my last minute equaliser on the Knavesmire vs Crystal Palace, (Sam Smiths pub in Acomb rather than South London lot),….. Jack; you refused to play football whilst on £71’000 a week? – I’ll never have your money- but my footballing stories are better than yours?”


it’s a shit league, we are in said league because we are shit? We’ve no given right to win games, but the Tranmere game was the 1st hint of the swagger required to exit this league. Ipswich have been impressive – but whilst they have a good manager, they don’t have the quality to stay top 2? Peterborough are flying, but they seem to be good til Christmas every year? In short…. there’s nowt to fear?


We categorically have the best squad in this league – this time last year we were clinging onto the hope of Watmore returning and being decent…. now, we have goals all over the pitch, (apart from up front). Not only do we have the quality on the pitch – I think we have the quality off the pitch? See Rodwell and Jannuzaj references, (#shithouses)


We’ve got the right man.

A few concerns about his dress sense – but nothing a trip to M&S won’t sort? (I’m busy at the moment Phil, but generally free Wednesday afternoons)


Anyone who was at Lincoln will agree it was absolutely fucking desperate? We played decent at Shrewsbury and if the referee had known the rules we’d have had two penalties and won the game last night? I’m more positive about our performances than I’ve been for some considerable time, we can’t keep hitting the fucking post????


Forgetting cup games and assuming our trip to Bristol Rovers is called off due to our magnitude of international superstars… our next 3 league games are:

Big shout, but SAFCBlog predicts we will go 2nd in the league when we dispatch Bolton Wanderers 3-0 on Boxing Day.

So…. time to keep a cool head, smash Southend and kick on!


See you Saturday…. don’t ever, ever stop believing….

Focus on the good times”

On the off chance you do stop believing…. clear your head and listen to Ludoiva Einaudi, and you’ll be ok?


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