SAFC play Benfica and Beleneses pre-season in Portugal

SAFC Play Benfica and Beleneses Pre-season in Portugal

We now know that SAFC we will play their pre-season matches in Portugal against ‘Benfica B’ and ‘CF Belenenses’. On the basis most people will have heard of Benfica, SAFCBlog takes a look at the CFB game.

SAFC vs Beleneses

Estadio Municipal de Albufeira Saturday 20th July 7.30pm Formed in 1919, (what better way to celebrate your centenary than a meaningless game against a League 1 reserve team from the North East of England?). CFB are considered the best of the the rest and the 4th biggest team in Portugal, (top 3 of Benfica (A), Porto and Sporting Lesbians).  In 1947 they were invited to play the opening game of the Bernabau Stadium vs Real Madrid. Sunderland pre-season v Beleneses Not playing them here ~ but their ground looks decent Beleneses Portugal

SAFC pre-season in Portugal latest news

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Without being presumptuous, anyone going to watch the SAFC pre-season in Portugal in July is likely to be on the piss? SAFCBlog will, (with the benefit of local knowledge), be writing some shite along the lines of a travel guide etc. A common mistake made in Portugal is the consumption of Super Bock in preference to Sagres ~ utter nonsense. SAFCBlog recommends Sagres all day long, (for the Portuguese Digital Marketing readers of this blog ~ I’m happy to be a partner of Sagres ~ Sunderland play in Portugal
“Super Bock not even a proper town? Whilst it rhyming with o’clock facilitates a great line in terms of time for a beer, (banter), Sagres is my recommendation”
As mentioned a detailed guide to follow, needless to say I’ll be recommending ‘Lancers’ over ‘Mateus Rose’, (best served in a pint pot with ice). Once again I’m available for wine sponsorship.
For the more cultured travellers ~ a pint of wine mixed with Guinness is popular with the locals
The stadium is not big, with only one proper stand ~ although the bar in the stand is quality, offering decent cheap food and run by a Runcorn fan who knows plenty about non league football. Looking forward to going back, (maybe not at 9.15am this time!?). SAFCBlog in Portugal

Sunderland play both games at the Estadio Municipal De Albufeira

Sunderland fan in the Estadio Municipal De Albufeira safc Blog pre-season in Portugal SAFCBlog in Portugal

Sunderland’s pre-season opponents

CFB are based in Lisbon, can’t be arsed to research ~ but there will be loads to do there I’d say? One of the highlights of the last visit to Albufeira was the relaxing atmosphere with fans mingling together and having a jolly good time. No segregation obviously which has its benefits…… An English female football fan…… A Portuguese female football fan….. IN JACK I TRUST FTM SAFCBlog 3 hours ago ALL ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL GAME TOMORROW……. MATCH REPORT ONLINE BEFORE MOTD AT… Read More SAFCBlog 3 hours ago RT @ShaunSAFCBLOG: 2 SLEEPS AND WE GO AGAIN…..Sunderland vs Wycombe match preview … Read More SAFCBlog 3 hours ago 1sleep…….. … Read More