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The SAFC Blog unsocial media club

Extra article, (but worry not, it’ll be short). I had planned to down tools until it was time to review the Doncaster trip – but I’ve got a feeling a lot could happen on Sunday. Social Media is not going away, it can be great – it can be shite, but it’s going nowhere? Much like silly idiots who used to write to Points of View to say they’d watched a shit programme ….. there’s a very straightforward choice if you don’t like reading or watching something. Opinions differ and opinions change; I’m always keen to reiterate how positive this is. We have a game on Sunday, we are struggling, we are all pissed off to varying degrees, we all care, we all love SAFC – it’s idealistic to expect online abuse and vitriol to disappear, and as aforementioned there’s a simple choice to be made which will avoid being exposed to it. I’m a bit embarrassed with how a man who has been in the game all his adult life is being treated, but I understand how and why this occurs. It’s maybe just as well, but I have no aspirations to make any money out of writing about SAFC, and I’m happy for people to agree or disagree with my thoughts – but I’m hugely uncomfortable with sections of SAFC MEDIA and how they are treating our manager – I’m not talking about a shit blog, I’m talking about people who make a living out of writing about SAFC. Its looking increasingly likely that it’s probably not going to work out for Parkinson at Sunderland? I go to all the games, (doesn’t make me any better or worse than anyone), but once the away fans turn, it’s a very tough gig to survive? (Gus at Bradford, DiCanio at WBA, Ross at Bolton/Lincoln, possibly Parkinson at Doncaster etc) – but for fucks sake; we have a squad with a decent amount of lazy shithouses, a lack of quality and less chance of scoring than Prince Andrew on a SAGA cruise? Game over you lunatic SAFC Blog Unsocial media clubMate, you can have my coat” Jack Ross SAFC Blog unsocial media club Full time result in the Merino Soft Wash Trophy….. Sunderland 0 V Hibernian 1, (Grigg own goal)

SAFC Blog unsocial media club backs Parky

As aforementioned- I’m ok with opinions, I’m ok with opinions changing. As it happens I didn’t trust Donald from day 1 – it didn’t mean I was right – but he was championed by the same outlets that are now hounding our manager?  None of us want to be in this league – but the next few months leading up to July are going to be a rough, rough ride. We will be in L1 next year, this would be the case even if a Klopp/Pep partnership was appointed tomorrow. There’s people who were blowing so much smoke up Donalds arse it was untrue – turns out all that glitters wasn’t gold?  So what next….. Parky out and Kev Phillips in….. then we’ll be fine. We won’t, we 100% won’t, this club is going to the fucking brink with Donald, the size of the club and the interested parties should save us… but for Donald, have a read about what John Batchelor did to York City , or what that bloke with a beard did to Bury. Parkinson may or may not be the answer, but ditching him does not even begin to solve even 1% of the situation we are in. Anyone’s opinion of if PP is the right man is fine – but opinions should be individually founded – we’ve always been so much better than those lousy bastards up the road – they shout at shops, punch horses and have never won on colour TV….. – let’s keep it that way and stay classy. Game opinions as always, media forever changing…….. let’s stay classy FTM SAFCBlog 2 hours ago @Rossalini22 … Read More SAFCBlog 2 hours ago FROM 5 WEEKS AGO…..*THE NORTH/SOUTH DIVIDE & WHEN 2 WORLDS COLLIDE….*… Read More SAFCBlog 3 hours ago 1 SLEEP …….Sunderland vs Wycombe match preview #SAFC … Read More

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