SAFCBlog Unsocial Social Media Club – February edition

SAFC Blog unsocial social media club February edition

SAFC blog Unsocial Social Media Club – February edition

The internet is clever, (arguably too clever?), statistics are dull – although numbers don’t lie. The match previews and reviews on SAFC Blog get some really good numbers viewing – which is great. The fact that 2000 people choose to read what I’ve got to say about SAFC vs Wycombe is quite humbling. Conversely the other articles I write are not read by many…. but that’s even better – so yfront, happylady, Tonycole, Jamie, 007, chocmatt, seawatersalesman, angrysam, kingofcustard, georgeouthwaite, bshotton, stevePFC, steveO, jeffred, ilkleygaybarber,philthedrill, celtictom, davethedogger, cockersgreenwood etc – thanks for the love and support…. the few are so much more important than the many.

I decided in December to write an article about the month ahead. Dec and Jan were at best average, but going to stick with it…. there were clowns out there in December saying Parky was no good?

February on the pitch……

Obviously losing yesterday was a blow. We have another 5 games to come in February – apart from a trip to Oxford, the other 4 are at home!

There’s no guarantees….. but if we can avoid defeat at Oxford – home games against Ipswich, Rochdale, Bristol Rovers and Fleetwood, will surely see us head to Coventry on the 1st March in much better shape than we currently are?

February off The pitch……

I’m not mad on history, religion etc….. but in an era when we can pay money through the air, get any food delivered etc … it’s bonkers that February sometimes has an extra day due to the Gregorian Calendar?? 

Notable celebrity birthdays in February are 60s filth Zsa Zsa Gabor and SAFCBlog Colombian Ambassador Shakira.

We’re often told…. don’t judge, looks can be deceptive, keep an open mind etc….. the perfect example of this is, if I was to say Barrymore is on the phone and wants you to go round and have a frolicking in the pool…… most people would be wary? ….. proof that preconceptions are wrong: SAFCBlog favourite DREW Barrymore was born in the month of February!

FEBRUARY…….”whilst a picture of dogs playing snooker or a signed print of Defoe are for life……McNulty doesn’t work?”


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