January transfer window – the sAFC Blog verdict

January transfer window - the SAFC Blog verdict

SAFC January transfer window the SAFC Blog verdict

Aside from the arrival of Jermain Defoe, the January transfer window has historically been pretty dire for SAFC. To be fair it’s regarded as a time when signings are made on the basis of what’s available rather than what you’d really like? As previously mentioned, it’s 1.55am at the Ku Club and the pressure is on! 

So, have we had a good window?

January transfer window - the SAFC Blog verdict

Incoming players….

A total of 5 players arrived on Wearside, I’ve already written articles welcoming Lafferty, Wright and Scowen. Yesterday saw 2 more arrivals;

Antoine Semenyo….

In an article last week I said I’d rather have Boyce than Semenyo. That’s not to say Antoine won’t do well, I just felt that a proven L1 scorer was preferable over raw, unproven talent. 

Boycie, (and Marlene I assume), chose to head North to play in the SPL, (Scotch Pub League) – he scored on his debut vs Rangers and has scored today – good luck to him. As I previously alluded to, Semenyo is a bit of an unknown quantity – let’s hope he does well at Sunderland. I suspect he may have to wait for his chance, but I look forward to seeing him in action next weekend.

Declan John….

Signed from Swansea yesterday, he’s a left wing back, as opposed to left wing forward Denver, so it is possible they could both play? 

Whilst he’s only 24, he is at a bit of a crossroads in his career – he made 20 Premier League appearances as a teenager in 2013/14. This would suggest he’s got genuine quality? He’s only made 73 appearances in the last 5 and a half seasons though. Hopefully his time with us will be good for all, as if he performs well it obviously benefits us and his career definitely looks in need of a kick start.

Outgoing players….

Aiden McGeady….

In the best interests of both parties.

laurens De Bock….

Wasn’t going to feature.


Aways gives 100%, after he created the goal for Gooch in week 2 at Ipswich, I thought he’d be key for us. Too many niggly injuries – clearly a good lad and a good player, it just didn’t work out as we’d hoped.


A great passer of the ball, I said in summer he’d be a key man for us this season – he hardly played. He doesn’t look like he’d be any trouble, perhaps he’s a shit trainer? Whatever the reasons for it not working out, he had become surplus to requirements, so it made sense for him to move on.

The Sunderland remainers….

Whilst activity is normally at a premium in the January window – decent goalkeepers are like rocking horse shit, and JM is a decent goalkeeper. Along with him Gooch, Denver and Maguire, (when he turns up), are all better than L1. I guess we now have to ensure we go up?

Duncan Watmore

We all know the story here…….burst onto the PL scene, 2 horrible injuries, a great work ethic, high earner, clever, potential etc etc. We all know he could be a star, sadly injuries look to have taken their toll? 

I don’t particularly want to see the back of him, but he’s clearly a top earner (which makes not playing an issue). I really hope his potential comes to fruition for us – I really do Duncan. Ethics and loyalty in football could be cited as an oxymoron? But……. if he comes good, I’ll be mighty pissed off if he then leaves?

Will Grigg

SAFCBlog has on occasions been critical of Griggy. I will back anyone in red and white – provided they look like they give a shit. 

Grigg has the demeanour of a middle aged real ale enthusiast playing walking football. BUT…..you’re here now Will, I suspect you are a sensitive soul as you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? All the noises are that you are a good trainer and a good lad? Football fans are fickle…. new start pal – I’d love it to work out? The fans have always backed you, only you can make it work – so why not? 

This league is piss poor, chase the ball and you’ll probably get it? I didn’t make it as a professional footballer, (as yet), because I wasn’t good enough – you are good enough.

SAFC January transfer window – SAFC Blog Verdict

As always time will tell, but it looks like a decent window. We were never going to spend big – but ultimately we have 5 arrivals who will feature and the 4 departures were not looking like featuring.

Huge credit should go to our manager, gone are the days of announcing our targets to the media. The stance on Grigg not going to Oxford was the right thing to do, yes he’s been shit – but we all know what would happen if he went to a rival? 

Transfer activity aside, it just feels like Parkinson is in total control? No doubt lots of focus will be on the new Netflix series……. of course l will watch it – but for me it’s a bit like the early stages of X Factor…. , (funny in a morbid fascination way, but ultimately depressing)…… I don’t know , but the pantomime wouldn’t happen on Phil’s watch?

Pint loving, king of banter, and Etonian Charlie Methven said, the piss take party stops here……it’s stopped now Charlie



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