SAFC And years of abject misery

SAFC years of abject misery

SAFC and years of abject misery

SAFC misery and failures

SAFC misery
I don’t live in Sunderland, (or even the North East), whilst we were Premier League for 10 seasons – it’s a somewhat distant memory? I wear my SAFC shirt with pride at the gym…… in the last 2 weeks……….what division are you in now? Who’s your manager now? I’m sure you’ll go up, you’re too big for league 2……… SAFC Misery

“Season tickets still available; Form an orderly queue…….”

SAFC is a product of years of mismanagement

SAFCBlog has just taken delivery of a fucking massive TV; it’s got Netflix – like a lot of SAFC fans I binge watched Sunderland Til I Die upon release, with some new found digital options here in HG1…. I’ve spent the last 3 nights rewatching STID…..; a few seasons on and it’s alarmingly familiar?
  • It doesn’t fix overnight”
  • it’s a product of years of mismanagement”
Watching SAFC each week is a desperate existence, the fact that the documentary from a few years ago, depicts the job as fucked, (I fucking told you Sam?), and at a stage where, it can’t get any worse?? Not going to relive the championship any further; but with hindsight… Coleman was OK, McGeady isn’t ok, That night at Birmingham will take some beating as the worst away day ever? And yes, that was before the car park trouser incident? Sunderland til I die but its a desperate existance watching SAFC at present

It was desperate 2 years ago….it’s now loads worse

Anyone with nothing better to do, who’s life is desperate enough to read this blog on a regular basis, will know SAFCBlog is built on POSITIVITY? Tough times;
  • we are shite
  • the mags are doing ok
  • dirty Leeds are going up
SAFC years of abject misery

Football – desperately depressing

Can it get any worse? Of course it can Will it improve? Of course it will…. we could walk away…….Don’t be silly Got to hang onto the positives……

One day the RESURRECTION will happen….

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