Player of the season…….

SAFC Player of the season

SAFC Player Of The Season

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Lockdown continues, it’s boring – but it’s essential. It’s frustrating at times, but needs must. I’d just void the season, of course it’s not fair, but just think back to the turn of the year – and then think about how things are now – it’s bonkers, it really is. I love football, it’s depressing that it’ll probably be 2021 til we can attend games – totally new territory, but just scrap the season I say?

This is totally unfair and a terrible idea ….. BUT….. just image the scenes as The King scores to promote us at Coventrys expense!

SAFC Player of the Season

Jon McLaughlin won last seasons inaugural SAFCBlog ‘Player Of The Season Award’, he was brilliant – the fact we drew most weeks and our keeper was our best player perhaps tells it’s own tale.

SAFC player of the season
This was probably his only error and he ‘got away’ with it…..
Inaugral winner of the SAFCBlog player of the season
Big Jon – “More clean sheets than the Pip Schofield marital home”

An amazing stat from last season was that Big Jon became the first ever keeper to save a penalty at the SOL…… the first penalty save in a Sunderland home game since Tony Norman denied Graham Roberts at Roker Park!

A moment in history – no wonder the lad in the blue top looks so excited?
SAFC Player of the season
‘Thou Shalt Not Pass’

Onto this season…….

Pre season expectations are always high and it’s a fresh start for everyone. McNulty arrived from Coventry full of promise, Grigg must be better this season, McGeady will terrorise defences now he’s not got a sore foot.. safe to say none of these 3 are in the running?

Aiden McGeady when he was good
“Quick photo Aiden, I’ll hold your beer”…….Aiden McGeady, (pictured on the right) – High Hopes…..

Not for the first time in recent seasons, there is no stand out contender. Whilst this can mean, there’s so many outstanding candidates, equally it can also mean, no one has been particularly good!

Memories of Fulham Away..

About 5 or 6 years ago, (the 4-1 game), we jumped in cab having got lost looking for the ground. Typical London Cabbie, massive Spurs fan etc – he asked, ‘who’s your star player?’, we didn’t have an answer and ended up saying Mannone was decent. If only we’d know that AJ would fire a hat trick that day

Former SAFC player Adam Johnson
“4 in a row …… 4X4 is 16…….oh forget it Adam”

The Contenders…….

Strange season in lots of ways, didn’t finish, change of gaffer, lots of false dawns, (ie Willis/Lynch looked the answer, then it was Willis/Wright, then Flanagan re-emerged etc)

Thought about doing it as Twitter Poll, but decided against it

  • I don’t know how to do this
  • I vote in every Twitter Poll I see, I just can’t help myself

So, nominations to 

The shortlist is as follows;

SAFC Player Of The Season

  • Big Jon again

  • The King

  • Gooch

  • Luke

  • Someone else 

SAFC Player of the season
SAFC Player of the season

Results of the SAFCBlog 2019/20 Player of the Season, will be announced next Sunday. Haven’t heard back from Big Jon about his win last year, but I’ll attempt to present the award in due course.

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