SAFC Smash Millwall

3-0 > job done > ✅❤️🔴⚪️⚽️🛏👙🐶✅🎄🔥⚽️

Football is back….

Giddy as a kipper yesterday, no issue with getting up early on a Saturday, solo drive so not many pictures….

8.45am Saturday > let’s smash these…..
A19 Thirsk, so many more questions than answers?

Positive Thinking United 1 vs Catastrophic Hotspurs 0, (Hall, R, 69)

SAFCBlog is built on positively….

I’d said 5-0…..

3-0 is great. Scoring 3 times was a huge positive❤️⚽️ No doubt match highlights will be available online, so in brief…..

  • 1st half we were poor, never really got to grips with them, I’m a huge advocate of getting stuck in from minute 1, for whatever reason we didn’t get a hold of the game early on, Clark looked like he’d been on the lash for 3 weeks, Gooch was piss poor
  • 2nd half, more like what we’ve come to expect this season, scoring 3 times after such a slow start was a massive plus
  • Diallo has magic in his boots
  • The last 6 years we’ve not had good players, good players win games, Pritchard was poor 1st half, by the hour mark he’d set up a goal and scored a goal

3, (Three)

Scoring 3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️🔴⚪️🐶💥👙🔥🎄🍕🏏🏴‍☠️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️⚽️❤️✅🛁✅

Big Black Cocks

SAFCBlog is built on positively and a sound moral foundation.

I’ve not been black or played football professionally, (as yet), but our fan base are getting some grief about singing about the potential the size of Diallo’s member. Any stereotyping is generally negative, but I’d reckon that earning £30k a week, scoring goals in front of 38’000 adoring fans is quite good? If I’m wrong and Diallo can’t enjoy this due to being accused of having a huge weapon, I’m genuinely sorry…. I’ve only got 1 black friend, (genuinely good friend too), I’ve not, (to date), asked to see his member, but he does often tell me how big it is and he seems quite proud of his cock. Asking football fans not to sing something is never realistic?

December 0 vs January 3, (Blog, S, 1, 13, 26)

Christmas not my bag, SAFCBlog Superfan and Male Model Adam will be doing the WBA blog, (I’m on warm weather training), last January was catastrophic…. 0-6 at Bolton, losing at home to Donny…. SAFCBlog is partial to a bit of Spa Action, but we can’t be losing at Shite Spa towns like Cheltenham in January – this January will be miles better, 100%, I genuinely believe that it will, so it will be…..

Shit Monday Tinpot Blogging Fuckers….

Off to watch England, so out of time….. BIG Blog tomorrow > Ross Stewart, Bradley Dack News, Cameroon Archer watch and the Costa Rican Messi on a camel…. What a great time to be alive?

SAFCBlog – Rescheduled Xmas Party Media Systems – FTM

Long December, all roads lead to January……

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