SAFC & The Seven Year Itch

Tomorrow we play Shrewsbury Town in a 3rd Tier fixture that I reckon we’ll draw 1-1. Seven years ago today, I had the most fantastic night at Old Trafford as we beat Man Utd to secure a trip to Wembley. Seven Year Itch you say? Not so much of an itch, not a scratch, not even the severity of cut that would have Rod Stewart singing about it….. it’s more of a Seven Year Gaping Fleshwound, not only has it not been cleaned or dressed, it’s had a salt & chilli powder mix rubbed into it and then some knobbers from Oxford squeezed lime juice into it! Seven years…… what a absolute disaster it’s been?

7 7ears ago today…….. Big Game vs Shrewsbury Town tomorrow to look forward to though

How Low Can You Go?

SAFCBlog Graph 0002

All pretty self explanatory really, whilst it might look like Nick Leesons Barings Bank Appraisal, it shows how far we have fallen. We’ve gone from 14th to 53rd….that’s 39 places, if this pattern was to continue for another 7 years, a drop of 39 places would leave us a in 92nd position!!!

Season 2027/28……

It’s not all bad, pretty much done the 92 and there’s 6 new grounds for me there, and….. we’ll win every week………?
Been to Eastleigh FC, but not for a match, just for a refreshment stop on the way to Portsmouth, so I guess that doesn’t count?

So that’s our Seven Year Dip, things can only get better? We all know what’s gone wrong, poor decisions, cost cutting, dishonesty etc go hand in hand with demise. Surely….. Things can only get better? Surely?

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