SAFC vs Ipswich vs belief vs expectation vs hope……

SAFC vs Ipswich town a huge game

SAFC vs Ipswich Town

Huge game tomorrow, but that’s good – a few months ago it looked like we may not have any huge games to come this season. SAFCBlog has always been based on positivity…. so should we be positive about tomorrow? Rather than waking up tomorrow feeling …like Pip Schofield waiting for the Sunday papers to arrive …. we should be waking up feeling like Anna Friels window cleaner?

Momentum in football is huge, as is form, fitness, luck…. whilst we can control some of these, it’s a bit of a lottery? We can however control how we as fans approach the game tomorrow…..

The SAFCBlog Super Computer is still at Tandy getting a new Transponder fitted, it should be back Monday at 3.30pm. Apparently it malfunctioned at the figures suggesting a short armed insurance salesman was looking to pocket £28 million clear for something he’s only put about £4 million into? SAFCBlog has no opinion on this – any queries send a fax to Tandy I guess?

Big game tomorrow…..

Huge game – but as discussed that’s great. We are set for our biggest crowd of the season, 34’500 ish? It will feel like a big game……Ipswich will bring loads and it should be a good atmosphere. Whilst Lincoln, Rochdale, Scunthorpe etc have brought big followings….. bless them, they don’t know how to be part of a big crowd? Standing at football is neither big nor clever, but Lincoln had 4’500 who looked like they were at a picnic? Anyway, Ipswich will contribute greatly to the atmosphere tomorrow- I can’t wait.

Hope, expectation etc

It’s no secret that I enjoy following SAFC and that it’s a huge part of my life – even being mildly objective, it’s a reasonable point that…. it’s been fucking depressing for circa 10 years?

When you are shit…. you have Hope

We are in Division 3 because we deserve to be. We have no divine right to be any higher? But….. we had 4 years of hoping and expecting that we would avoid relegation?

We all know that SAFC has been through the mill…… but…… forget Hope, we need to believe? It’s not easy, we’ve been shit for years, we expect it to go wrong…… but… we are categorically the best team in this division! Tough game tomorrow, I’m not having that, it’s a lot tougher for them?

so what happens tomorrow?

If we were in a decent division playing decent teams, I’d be hoping we’d win, bollocks to that…. I’m expecting to win.

As a fanbase we’ve moved on from all the negativity at the end of 2019 – and so we should, we have the right players and the right management team?

I’m a believer….. join me and Don’t Stop Belivin’



SAFC vs Ipswich town a huge game

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