Sunderland Vs MK Dons match preview

Yesterday’s game at Bolton is now history, we have a midweek trip to Sheffield… then it’s back on home soil as we entertain Milton Keynes Dons. I’ll be honest, previewing every game can be a challenge, 4th time round vs Accrington and Pompey were hard enough? But not only are MK Dons bereft of any history, the town is not much better? But in the name of journalism, I shall endeavour to carry on regardless.

Bolton wasn’t good, I suspect Sheffield will be good? The six sleeps between now and the MK Dons game seems like a long time? A huge week beckons I’d say?

MK were formed in 2004; in short they fucked Wimbledon over and effectively created a franchise. We’ve only met twice, in 2012/13 we won at their gaff in the League Cup, 12 months later…. we scored 4 goals in the last 12 minutes in the 1st round of the same competition at the SOL as we started our march to the final.

Despite its infancy the town boasts a decent CV of famous people to hail from there……

Weather girl Claire Nasir hails from MK,…..

Sunderland Vs MK Dons Match Preview
“Perfect t shirt weather?”
Ignore those fatties saying it’s going to be raining men ….. it’s bikini weather?”

Also from the town is actress Emily Bergl….

All round top man and golfer Ian Poulter is from the town.

Ex England international Dele Alli is also from Milton Keynes.

Moving onto matters on the pitch, what can expect on Saturday? It’s a tough call, they’ve won 4 and lost 5 of their 9 games, (this includes a pair of 3-0 wins, a 0-4 home defeat and a 0-1 defeat at home yesterday to a Southend team who had 1 point from their first 8 games and who had conceded 24 goals!). So…. who knows, we’ve lost once and they’ve lost five times, but if they beat us we’d be level on points! (Draws are bad kids?).

Sunderland Vs MK Dons Match Preview
Lots of clubs have shite crests, but many are over 100 years old……’s mindblowing that this was the best on offer in 2004?
Sunderland Vs MK Dons Match Preview
Stadium is decent

Obviously Wimbledon absolutely despise the very existence of MK Dons, there’s also talk of MK not getting on with Peterborough, but I’ve no idea why?

At SAFC we are blessed with the best dressed manager, (Pep Guardiola aside), in British football. Keith Hill looked ok yesterday, but ultimately was put to the sword by Jack? MK Dons gaffer Paul Tidsdale dresses better than most – but doesn’t offer a real threat…..

“Too much going on pal…. hat or hood, but not both. If you must combine the two, mixing your seasons is not the way forward?”
When you’re seen a look, but TK MAXX, only have it left in purple?
“Jog on back to League 2 baldie”

See you there.