SAFCBlog 0-6 Sunday Debrief…..

Yesterday wasn’t very good, football is an emotional game, people care, people have differing opinions. The result and performance yesterday was aways going to raise passions, we have a huge fanbase, the higher the numbers the more opinions there are to consider. Not a great showing off the pitch from some of our following, but it’s always the same at Northern games with large ticket allocations, it was the same at Bolton last time, it’ll be the same at Wigan next month. Losing 6-0 with a gutless showing obviously doesn’t help the situation.

Positivity, Realism, Negativity, Hope, Expectation, Morbid Fascination…….

Emotional game as alluded to, it’s in the make up of some football fans to thrive on negativity, (at every club), its just human nature for some, even in my straw loll of just me, when we have a shocker the messages on WhatsApp don’t stop, if we win they dry up, now maybe its just that negative emotion manifests more outwardly than contentment?

We were crap, before focusing on the inevitable negatives, theres always positives to be had….

  • Meat and Potato Pasties very tasty✅
  • Only just over an hours drive and a beautiful day✅
  • Always nice to have a day out and catch up friends✅ Football is the domain of the working class, despite this, it was great to have a debate on the Shark vs VAX big question
“VAX my arse”

The Negatives…..

I thought we’d win yesterday, to set up the next run of winnable fixtures and kick on towards the the top, we will be in the play offs now – its a lottery, but we all fucking know what happens?

Getting Absolutely Stuffed…..

0-4 at Portsmouth, 0-3 at Wednesday, 1-5 at Rotherham, 0-6 at Bolton; fucking hell, we know how to lose, add to these giving away a goal lead at Shrewsbury and Accrington against 10 men. Whichever you look at it, we have a soft underbelly, the goal difference is now fucked, (effectively a point). its zero points whether you lose 1-0 or 10-0, but…… morale aside, getting dicked is a huge concern. We just seem to have an absolute hammering as our Achilles Heel, given it looks like we are play off bound, thats not a good situation….. this group could turn up at a Play Off Semi and be beaten after 30 minutes of the first leg? A team in 2nd position going to a team in 15th and losing 6-0, (lets remember it should have been 4 at half time), is totally unacceptable.

Stating The Obvious…..

Something is wrong, very very wrong. More wrong than team selection, substitutions, individual errors etc, it was a shameful performance yesterday, I dipped out on the hour mark at 4-0, I was surprised we finished with 11 men, given how predictable our lack of discipline in these games is?

Lee Johnson…..

I’ve never really fancied him, yesterday wasn’t acceptable, playing 4 at the back was bizarre, taking Cirkin off when switching to 3 at the back was bizarre, not changing anything after being dicked in the first half was poor…… but lets not overlook the role of the players? Weak, gutless and spineless yesterday, it may or may not be the end of LJ? He picks the team and sets them up and ultimately the buck will always stop with the manager – but the useless twats threw him under the bus yesterday – embarrassing lads, embarrassing, I hope you stood on a plug last night.

Sunderland Getting Out Of League 1…..

It’s a massive job, it’s only going to get harder each season, this is season 4 – that’s shameful. The owner has a big decision to make, the recruitment is good, for me we don’t have the right manager? Football is a results business, the only reason I hear for LJ not getting sacked is, We can’t keep changing managers….. that is not a reason. I’d imagine we will beat Donny regardless of who is the manager. We need to make a change 100%

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