SAFCBlog 1000 not out and still alive

SAFCBlog #1000

March 16th 2019 !!! Still no better, (arguably worse), but still standing⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️
Writing this shite 1000 times has helped me, I’m baffled, bemused, honoured and flattered that people read it, whether it be regularly or just occasionally- stay strong, be kind, there’s always always a way, and things can always get better x

Number 1000 tonight, it’s been emotional, aside from making some new friends, the last 4 years has been a great healing process for me, I didn’t know I needed nudes of Garry, (Hotpants), Summerson, Kris Day’s menu choices, a t shirt business with a fat lad who almost pegged it and new people in my life, (you’ll know who you are), but how would I have known? Big thankyou to the key people involved, I adore you❤️. The plan was to dip out at 1000 and have a BIG fire and fuck about in my pants in an ice cream van in Scotland for a bit? I’ve decided not to do that, I was getting bored, (drifting), writing this shite, but I feel like I’ve found my journalistic mojo over the last few full moons, so I’ll carry on. This categorically doesn’t mean SAFCBlog will be any better, but as always there’s zero obligation to read, like, share, retweet, comment etc…. I’ve met a few of you, but the one of the biggest thrills is that this is read by people I’ll never meet, ultimately it’s poorly written shite, but it can be whatever you want it to be, and what else is there to do on a weekday after The Chase? Onwards and fucking upwards, it would seem folly to dip out now things are good after years and years of things not being good? I spend far longer than is remotely sensible writing this, I’ve no interest in monetising it, (pop ups etc), so enjoy, once I get fed up with it I’ll sack it off – but no intention of doing that for a while. It also means I don’t have to finish writing my book, which is a win win for us all✅


Books are generally the domain of clever types, I’ve no issue with people who just read the back of a book, (why waste valuable time?). I couldn’t give a shit, but bumper crop of Jim from Wigan types on Sunday, it’s clear that despite writing 999 editions of this shite, some cranks only read the title, that’s fine, we all have choices….

I’m at eejit ✅
Jim from Wigan knows

BIG party news

The highly anticipated SAFCBlog Xmas Party was cancelled after everyone got sick. So it seems only appropriate to revisit🪑

  • What? 1000 shite blogs and 4 years of SAFCBlog
  • When? Luton at home is the mark of 4 years, so probably that Friday night
  • Where? TBC, as it’s FA Cup quarter final day, fingers crossed for a home draw
  • Who? Same guest list as last time, (waiting list now closed)
  • Dress code? Same as before
  • Any questions? Twitter DM or email to (got enough nudes and pictures of cows now though Garry)

Up for the cup

We probably won’t win the cup, but we might?
Game of opinions as always, but it’s cup over promotion for me, 100%, no one ever got laid up with Promotion Fever?

The league

We should beat Swansea, for umpteenth time this season, our trip there was a Game of 2 halves? We were dreadful 1st half and we were excellent 2nd half

We probably owe them one? They also have mid table written all over them?

No midweek game this week, Swansea preview weds or thurs- SAFCBlog is on annual leave on Friday❤️

SAFCBlog Review of 2023

The best ever of days ⚽️❤️⚽️

I’ll be honest, I’ve started writing a review of 2023 and I can’t be arsed with it, we all know the script?

We were shit > we improved > after years of misery we all started to fall in love on that wonderful day in May⚽️🔴⚪️❤️> Alex Neil is a dick > we’re doing ok in the championship⚽️

SAFCBlog 1001 > 2000

Things will only get better it’s the only way ⚽️❤️⚪️🔴🐶✅🪑👙🛁🔴⚪️❤️⚽️🐶❤️🔴

Haway, at least make an effort to cover it up?
100% shagging, got to feel for Jamie O’Hara….. “we’ll meet you in the studio Jamie, we’re on at 6am, but you just come in at 8am ok?”….. “yeah that’s fine, why have you only got 1 trainer on Laura?❤️🪑🛏❤️“

SAFCBlog Caption Competition

Entries to Media team via DM or , winner can have a t shirt, (winner drawn at random/not fixed)
SAFCBlog – Canine Digital Media Systems – FTM

Been waiting ages to bow out with this tune, as it happens, it seems some things do and will last forever ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️❤️🐶

12 thoughts on “SAFCBlog 1000 not out and still alive

  1. Shaun congratulations on reaching 1000 editions of the Blog …how about celebrating with some of your mates at the Football Writers Awards in London …. Would be a blast !
    Delighted that you have decided to keep going … standard really picked up in the last few weeks cheers Tom

  2. Congratulations on reaching 1000 blogs. They take me away from everyday life for 10 minutes where I don’t have to think about it. Here’s to thousands more 🌎🌎.

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