SAFCBlog #1001, Swansea in preview

6/4 with addition of a Ross Stewart goal? I’m all over that SkyBet✅⚽️

Are Swansea any good?

In keeping with 80% of this division, I’ve absolutely no idea. They battered us for 45 minutes down there, we then battered them for 45 minutes, they are 8 places below us but if they win they will go above us. Our form is better than theirs, SAFCBlog predicts – SAFC 2 vs SCFC 1 Can’t be arsed previewing any further, official website has that kind of stuff….

“All you need to know?”, game of opinions as always⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

Graph news

Fucking ages since I did a graph, I’ve forwarded this to the SAFCBlog Graph Department, going to buy some graph paper, a shatterproof ruler and some new pens tomorrow from Rymans✅🐶🛁

SAFCBlog BIG competition news

2 entries and 2 winners, you have be in to win💥…

Winner #1

SAFCBlog Superfan and professional filthy food eater Kris Day

Winner #2

Wishes to remain anonymous🪑🐶⚽️, but I’ve had DM’d details✅

Both successful entrants will receive their limited edition Fritidsklader tee shirts, bookmarks and socks by Friday, thanks as always to Independent Terracewear retailer Fritidsklader✅⚽️

Thanks as always to Goldie and the other bloke involved✅

No blog tomorrow, day off Friday, (been working too hard so going to get completely fucked🍺🍻🍺), match report Saturday night⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

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