SAFCBlog #1003, Boro Preview

Boro Away

Poor game between two poor sides, Ross Stewart got injured fucking about in the warm up, this has defined our season more than any other event, we’d be 4th or 5th if this hadn’t happened? It did happen and will probably be the reason we finish 10-14th rather than 4-6th, but it’s good to be in this division and the previous 4 years are slowly becoming a distant memory.

  • Crap game
  • Got held back an hour will their chimps kicked off
  • Probably deserved a draw

Derby Day?

A very niche / limited gene pool?

It isn’t, I’d like to beat them just because of how important we are to them,

Are they any good?

Blackburn aside, the top 7 looks ominously strong?

Unfortunately they are decent, a week ago I thought we’d beat Swansea and probably not beat Boro, we lost to Swansea, SAFCBlog predicts – SAFC 1 vs MFC 1

Whatever happens on Sunday, I’m happy🐶✅🪑✅⚽️❤️

Sunderland ✅
Middlesbrough ❌

Early Start Sunday

Noon kick off a bit shit, SAFCBlog has no issue getting up early, if anything I struggle to Kip the night before a match? Always wake me – Always ready to get up on a matchday✅🏴‍☠️🐶

Fat Brown Bastard Shithouse Dog News

Yes he’s cute, but anyone who reads this shite, (even occasionally), will be aware he has form for eating remote controls?
Exhibit A
4 weeks ✅🐶❤️ Bought a job lot of remotes and a dog toy remote – not needed

Non shit fat brown dog no longer free to a good home, sensible offers to
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