SAFCBlog #1004, Midweek Malaise

Nowt happening here….

No midweek game, no transfers, been busy as fuck, day off tomorrow❤️🐶🛏🏴‍☠️🪑✅appreciate this shite blog may be a tough occasional read, but imagine writing it?


I begrudge paying a licence fee, there’s nowt on BBC for me, Gary Lineker annoys me, appreciate he’s their top boy, but Shirley he’s there to present not preach? The blackout of the opening ceremony at the WC was piss poor, his mocking of Ivan Toney in relation to a very real addiction was piss poorer, hats off to the prank on BBC MOTD the other night, worth the licence fee alone?

100% railing each other? 100%, FFS at least make an effort to mask it?

Boro Sunday, then back to back trips to the capital. The Championship is better than the Premiership, but I do miss trips to London, we’ve got 6000 tickets for Fulham and we’ve sold out Millwall, QPR in a few weeks too, what a time to be alive fucking?

Match report Sunday night, then it’s all about South West London Cup fever, SAFCBlog been busy this week, normal service will be resumed next week. Annual leave tomorrow 🪑🐶❤️, going to go to the seaside🏴‍☠️🛁🐄🛏🍕✅🔴⚪️⚽️🐶
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