SAFCBlog #1017, Rotherham away preview

2 years 🐶💔 Always & forever Alf ❤️🐶

Away at Rotherham tomorrow night, last year was an absolute shitshow of the highest order

Dipped out at 1-3, terrible day
Goal ⚽️⚽️ 1-1, win this now?

Whilst I’m 80 miles from a home game, Rotherham away is a piece of piss for me

“11.30pm ? You Promise? 🐶🐶”

Are Rotherham any good?

I’ve absolutely no idea, league table and recent form is no doubt available online? They were crap at the SOL in Mowbray’s first win

I love you so much ❤️🐶⚽️🔴⚪️🦅🪑🏴‍☠️🛏🛁👙🏴‍☠️⛳️🔴⚪️❤️⚽️🐶🌊💥🦅🪑⚽️⚽️🍻🦅💥🔴⚪️🐶❤️🪑⚽️
I wasn’t expecting to love you in August though ❤️

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Historically Rotherham was famous for flour mining, glass blowing and coal mining, nowadays it’s famous for being quite near Sheffield and grooming gangs.

Lots of famous folk from Rotherham, Big handed Fisherman David Seaman, Pisscan William Hague, the Chuckle Brother….

Still didn’t kick Aaron Ramsdale?
Possibly the best ever photo ever taken?

Dickie Davies Eyes

Another childhood hero lost 💔 growing up in the 80’s was all about the wrestling. Everyday is a learning day, before having a proper job > writing an award winning,(**), football and lifestyle blog > not having a proper job, SAFCBlog was a semi professional wrestler under the stage name The Hawk 🦅 who knew?

Exciting SAFCBlog competition news

All over a night in Barnsley watching York’s Finest❤️
Genius songwriter Rick Witter, (2nd left)

SAFCBlog has a spare ticket and overnight accommodation to give away to one lucky winner, (rules on this website in due course). I’ll probably fix the draw, but enter anyway


Not often I have no words??


All roads lead to Rotherham🔴⚪️⚽️⚪️🔴 see you there ❤️🏴‍☠️🐶🦅🪑❤️⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️ Giddy / can’t wait ⚽️

Summer 1 vs Winter 0

Winter is shit, summer is brilliant, we’re nearly there, some stunning sunsets this week 💥🪑❤️

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