SAFCBlog #1023, Sheff Utd Preview

We have a tough run of fixtures, our next three games are vs 2nd, 4th & 1st, but this division is crackers, I thought we’d get hammered on Sunday, we didn’t we won. Two home games in 4 days, bring it on, I also think we’ll win at Burnley.

Are Sheff Utd any good?

They are 2nd in the league, they are on a bit of a wobble though, even there last 3 wins against Watford, (managerless at the time), Spurs, (didn’t try), and Reading, (absolutely crap), were nervous 1-0 wins. I have a few pals who support The Blades, the feeling in their camp is that they are there for the taking.

League table = automatic promotion > Form = mid table

SAFCBlog predicts … SAFC 1 vs SUFC 1

We lost down there though?

We did, we played the majority of the game with 10 men, (I back Dan Neil for a yellow card every week now????). Norwich was a tremendous away day, even though we lost at Bramhall Lane I have fond memories of the night – we’d been miserably shite for years, despite the loss in August, (can’t believe it was only 6 months ago?), a new found optimism was born – after years of labouring vs shite like Accrington, Burton and Shrewsbury, I drove home feeling more positive, (borderline giddy), that things were actually going to be good moving forward. We’re not the finished article, but we are in a better place than we’ve been for ages, onwards and upwards fucking. Might even book a hotel for Wembley.

Happy Birthday

Parties/forced fun not my bag, although next Thursday marks 5 years of SAFCBlog, so against my natural instinct I’m going to run a prize draw, (not fixed*), to win a t shirt and be my guest at Shed Seven at Barnsley on Sat 8th April, (accommodation included). *enter anyway, but it might be fixed, can’t be spending an evening with a crank? Anyway, 1 entry per person, winner announced on Sunday, just retweet this shite or DM, (I’ll break habit and actually read), saying in less than 34 words why you’d not be shit company on the evening in question.

2 years ago today….

We beat Tranmere at Wembley, bizarrely the winning goal from Gooch was very similar to the goal at Bramhall Lane

Tranmere January 2020, please drink sensibly lads


Loads of class bands from the city, Human League, Pulp, Artic Monkeys, The Reytons and ABC.

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