SAFCBlog #1026, Sunday SPZL

No game for almost 2 weeks, (probably not a bad thing?), we were ok yesterday, Luton we’re no better than us. I’d have taken mid table in August, but we were right in the mix when we beat Boro? Whilst pleased with the season, we probably missed a trick, but no striker sealed the deal, (game of opinions as always)

Big Summer

Summer loads better than winter, we have the basics in place, just need to buy wisely, (we will), and we can have a good go at things next season. I’m a bit gutted not to be having a London weekend in May, might just go anyway? Watch this space for another SAFCBlog competition, (no cranks please and a cut off age of 65 please).

The remaining games

“Just stay home?????”…. “Get to fuck, dog jail booked lads, I’m making a weekend of Burnley”

It’s ages since we had a nothing end to a season, the likelihood is it’ll fizzle out now? Alternatively there’s an opportunity to play with a bit of freedom, hopefully we see a bit of Bennette the next 8 games, Amad’s, (regulation), cock seems better after a rest, our win at Wembley made having a shortened pre season difficult, no such excuses next year.

Football > The Beautiful Game

It’s been a good season, been shite for years, fallen back in love with it since Wembley in May

The Championship

it’s a bonkers league, realistically we will miss out by less than 10 points, (we wasted 10 points vs average teams in February?). Luton are 4th, they weren’t particularly good yesterday, I’d be thoroughly pissed off if I was a Luton fan, at 1-0 and 60 minutes they had the game won, they weren’t time wasting and looked good for a 2nd goal? On 75 minutes they obviously got a message from the bench to sit back, shithouse & time waste, that played into our hands and facilitated us getting something from the game. The teams coming down are all shite, let’s fucking smash it next season.

Ascension or descention next year Jack?” …… “Ascention, 100%”
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it would have been Terry Halls birthday today, music is lovely, he was a genius, all kinds of everything, mmmmmmmm, do people actually still send postcards and buy daffodils nowadays?? Fucking cranks

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