SAFCBlog #1034, SAFC 2 vs BCFC 1

3pm Saturday

It feels like ages since we had a normal kick off time? Steady drive up, cold and cloudy in Gods Own County, (North), but as is so often the case the sun seems to come out once I arrive in Sunderland.

And we’re off, can’t beat a 3pm Saturday game, I’ve even got bearded idiot on photographic duties ???? ⭐️ ????

“Surrounded by fucking idiots?”

New Scarf Saturday Club

Sometimes you just feel that something is lucky? We’d have beaten Hull if I’d debuted my new, (lucky), scarf, but a wardrobe malfunction occurred as I had a green top on, I’ve not really got a grasp on the fashion industry, but I do know red and green should never be seen?

Game on

Lovely day and another good crowd

FFS 0-1…..Our best player is on loan from Man Utd, the kid with the Afro for them is also on loan from United, it didn’t help Cirkin getting booked early on, but he had him on toast all day long.


Whilst football culture is a real consistent, trends in behaviour always change/evolve, flares in the away end are currently a huge factor, (TBF we are as culpable as any other fanbase). The away fans above home fans doesn’t work in the current climate, most things in life can be addressed? Although, just seeing how things go, will never result in change/a positive outcome? Too late to move them now, just put some netting up and let the sniffer dogs focus 100% on licking their bollocks?

Absolute genius SAFC. That’ll do the trick? In other news, wet paint kids, so definitely don’t touch eh? That the club has this slide ready to go, says more about their desire to dodge the issue rather than confront it?

Thought ref did ok today, but that’s a red card all day long?

1-1, great time to score, Birmingham we’re just warming to the 1-0 anti football, shithouse routine?

2-1, sublime pass from Jack and a great finish. Amad has had a wonderful season, £26k a week, contracted to Man Utd, beating birds off with an extra large shitty stick and a cock like a baby’s arm….. but is he happy?

Subs and sendings off….

We all love Mowbray, but it was clear he needed to pull Cirkin off(*), he was on a yellow and the ref had clearly indicated that one more foul would result in an early bath x, appreciate that Mowbray doesn’t fancy Anderson, but he’s a better option as part of an 11 rather than a 10?




Oh? See you down that there London …. I’m ready now

The main event

All went to plan, all roads lead to The Tockwith Show, (North Yorkshire), in early August

Cutting edge digital media


Thought lad from Leeds today did really well, the weight of his pass to Roberts, (should have scored), was a touch of class. SAFCBlog is hugely grateful to Luke for showing up today, rather than honouring his prior commitment at the NCT Babywear Fundraiser at some shit village hall.

Great day

Obligatory victory photo, bit of a celebratory twist today, everyone will recognise the big daft lump from Geordie Shaw, as they will the milk float driver from Spender, some regional grown up sports day pedlo contestant, pitched up today.

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