SAFCBlog #1039, SAFC 1 vs HTFC 1 Review

This season has been brilliant, we will just come up short, we’ve come a long way in the last 12 months after years of abject misery. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I’ve loved this season. I got giddy and booked London Hotels for the Play Offs, so might just go anyway? Plenty to do in London?

Last Night…..

I thought we’d win last night, a draw was a fair result, they had lots to play for and deserved a draw, whilst last night was frustrating, 46 games is plenty to get what you deserve from a season

There will always be lots of if’s, we were pretty flat from the off last night, although we scored a very good goal at a good time, we also had 2 gilt edged chances in the 1st half, as always it could have been very different, they are shit, we played poorly – no complaints

Lots and lots of positives this season, we go again on Sunday, it’s the only way, see you there

Winners are Grinners

I wouldn’t ever dream to claim to be a top golfer, but better day today than the 90 minutes last night.

Bumper response to the SAFCBlog Goal of the Season Competition, the winner, (ticked anonymity/covert box), was drawn at random and was notified at 1pm today, thanks for all the entries.

Winner > Jack Clark > Reading

We go again Sunday Morning – All Roads Lead to WBA – see you there

West Brom Preview tomorrow

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