SAFCBlog #1042, WBA Revisted

Great performance yesterday, we went to a team yesterday who last last at home to Sheff Utd 14 games ago, they had won 10 and drawn 3 home games since then. Our squad is on the bones of its arse, we fielded the youngest ever Championship team with an average age of 22. We were fearless, we showed passion, heart, skill & desire. Amad is the most naturally skilful player I’ve seen play for us, I absolutely love this group of players.

Amad Diallo – proper fucking player, 100%

Goal of the season

Last week I ran a, (non fixed) competition, showcasing 9 superb goals, two games later and Joffy has scored a worldie vs Huddersfield and yesterday Cirkin scored 1 great goal & 1 sublime goal. The lucky winner has been notified and informed of her/his prize, so I’ll rollover the last 3 goals to next seasons, (non fixed), prize giveaway. Anyone can win, (no cranks/pensioners though please)

Absolute filth, the goals were stunning, the bodies on the line at 0-1 says everything about this team xx

We have a team to be proud of, the build up to 2nd goal included 17 passes not shown in the previous clip, we’ve also achieved this level of North East Footballing Excellence without condoning homophobia, child brides, funding Al Queda, sportswashing & being complete twats of the highest order.


This team has belief, a month ago we were looking at our first season in a decade with nothing to play for……

Believe xxxxx


I can’t wait, I’d go as far to say I’m borderline giddy, on the off chance I get any Kip Friday night, I’ll be up very early Saturday 100%

Looking like 45’000 on Saturday, Whatever happens on Saturday, they’ve done us proud x


“Trust the gilet”

When that snake Alex Neil chased the £ to manage a shit team, like everyone else the appointment of Mowbray didn’t inspire me, he’s been brilliant, but he’s just the right man at the right time. Shorts and no pants weather for Preston, but I concede that TM has to stick with the gilet now?

In Mrs Mowbray we must trust”

Danger, Danger, High Voltage

No doubt the tabloid press will have a field day tomorrow about people falling off ladders and chopping limbs off when the 3pm, (ish), alarm went off yesterday? We were on the M1, (being very careful), but lots of slamming on of brakes and clowns stopped in the hard shoulder when the alarm went off? Thankfully our man at the wheel is smarter than the average lion?

Harold, (the lion), Bishop, unable to take the right junction off the M1, (professional driver my arse), but did deliver me home alive

Trust the process

We fucked up not having a striker, but the recruitment is fantastic, hungry, young, talented players – what’s not to love x

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22+27+21+28+21+21+21+20+19+20+20 / 11 = 22 xxx

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