SAFCBlog #1043, Watford Week Day 1

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We know only too well what it’s like to be a basket case of a club, Watford are a shambles at present, they haven’t won for ages, despite us having home disadvantage, Shirley we win on Saturday? Giddy already, not anticipating any Kip on Friday night. We are looking at a full house, we need to treat this as a play off game? SAFCBlog Predicts – SAFC 5 vs Watford 0

It’s years since we played them at home, we won that Premiership encounter 1-0 on a very wet day, hopefully Saturday is the continuation of our gateway to the Promised Land?

Last time…. Pre blog and Pre grey hair

The Final Countdown

There will be further twists, hopefully Burnley and Sheff Utd do us a favour the next 2 nights, ultimately I’m of the belief that if we win the next 2 games we will be in the play offs, if we get there, we go up 100%

Utter nonsense, I’m just waiting on a delivery of some graph paper and pens, (various colours), but I’ll piss all over this folly tomorrow.

The reverse fixture

It was a good point down there at the time, it was the day when things just started to feel like they might be good…..

SAFCBlog Superfan, Fanny Magnet and Cow Hand Garry, (Hotpants), Summerson, knows the score?

London / Wembley

All booked, I’m off regardless. Like most reading this Wembley was linked to a lifetime of abject misery until recent years…..

We eventually won there in an empty stadium vs Tranmere….

ONCE – in an empty stadium when we weren’t allowed/meant to go

TWICE – what a day, everything changed that day in May. Who knew life could be so, so good?


3???? Why not, as De La Soul, (pictured left and right), said, it’s the magic number?

SAFCBlog – All Roads Lead To Wembley Stadium – FTM

See you in London

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