SAFCBlog #1051, 48 hours on and still giddy

Imagine winning the biggest game of your life and being handed a can of Budweiser, (pish)?

A short week

Very, very soon

Short Week 1 vs Long Week 0

Last week was murder, felt like it would never end? Sat > Sat > Mon is obviously longer than Mon > Sat, this week is flying by, Monday was class, yesterday was a blur, it’s now only 3 sleeps til the semi final

Yesterday was a blur, whilst I’d never ever claim to be a Top Golfer, I prepared for golf very professionally, I was always going to play shit though after the emotional high of Monday?

Whilst it’s a mere 3 sleeps, realistically I won’t get much Kip on Friday night and will no doubt be up early Saturday? It’s bonkers to think that in 6 days we will have played the 2 games vs Luton. That’s a preview, a review, a preview, a review in the next week, and still there are people who don’t think this is a proper job? 5.30pm is a great kick off time, 7.30pm vs Pompey was too late and 12.30pm is just crap? I’m already giddy to be part of a sell out at the home of football on Saturday.

Luton Town

Fair play to them, they were playing non league football 9 years ago, (they’ve not forgotten their roots and still have a non league stadium), to finish 3rd this season is a wonderful achievement. They will be physical, that’s fine, they will play how they play and we will play how we play. We are better away from home, a draw on Saturday wouldn’t be the end of the world.


1-1, fair result


1-1, fair result

SAFCBlog predicts, SAFC 3 vs LTFC 0

Football is an emotional game, Monday was the loveliest of football days. I’ve often said I’m absolutely humbled that anyone reads this shite, (whether it be all the time or occasionally x), football is fantastic, SAFC are fantastic – it means the world to lots of us. I’m sure everyone has their own memories of Monday, a bit cliche/cranky, but football is life x

Imagine not loving football???? FYI, SAFCBlog is very much in love

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  1. I hope you go up so I’m at least two seasons away from ever having to read such self righteous drivel again.

    This has to be the worst thing on the internet. Utter unashamed bull shit (yes you heard me bull shit).

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