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The World Cup….

The World Cup is fantastic, weekdays are generally shite, I’ve been at work today, (shite), couple of negatives there I guess, but at 4pm Portugal are on TV, (not even SKY/Firestick TV – proper Council TV). What’s not to enjoy? The 4pm game is on ITV today, marking 5 of the next 6 days with the same schedule, I’ve not, (to date), held a senior role in scheduling at ITV, but FFS, Shirley there’s enough channels to have The Chase on too?

The Chase isn’t on…..


…..only a day away⚽️❤️✅”

Big day of football tomorrow, no blog tomorrow as I’m on annual leave and going watch football all day, might even ditch the Fanta and sparkling water and have a few beers 🍺. Need to get straight into these tomorrow⚽️

SAFCBlog Xmas Party Update

I enjoy writing this shite, as I’ve often said, I’m genuinely humbled and flattered that anyone reads it, whether it be SAFCBlog Superfan & Fanny Magnet Garry Summerson 🥊, reading it in the bath, or occasional readers, big love to you all❤️⚽️🍕

Still working on final plans, itinerary, dress code etc, but early kick off vs Millwall, followed by a potential last 16 game for England, I’m giddy⚽️. The event is now fully subscribed, thanks for the overwhelming response.


Like Jackie or Lesley, Kim is a unisex name, historically I’ve always thought of it as a girls name?
With the considerable value of hindsight, when I was 13 I fancied everyone, time isn’t kind to any of us, and whilst she now looks like a cross between Eddie Izzard & Boris Johnson after a night on the lash, in 1984, she was fit. As alluded to when you’re 13, everyone looks fit?
This is England 1983…… just going to pop off upstairs

There’s also that one with massive arse from USA reality TV.

Korean Kim Klub

It’s obviously a popular name in Korea?

Kim Jong-un > proper Wrong-un

SAFCBlog is politically neutral, but Kim Jong-un is a right bad bastard, my understanding is North and South Korea is now just Korea? Renaming countries is common after wars, (bad), confusion at SAFCBlog HQ today was rife?

Not quite the magnitude of Snickers / Starburst, but they must have a definitive name?

“Live Blog???”, might have a crack at that once I’ve nailed the book✅

I could deny…..”

Regular and occasional SAFCBlog readers will be aware the photos are mostly shite, proper rainbow tonight, (stunning🌈)

Lovely❤️ All rainbows are actually double rainbows, it’s just very rare you can see them both due to light.

Club and Country

Whilst the lads are clearly just fucking about on holiday in Dubai, tomorrow we have the opportunity to watch club and country, I can’t wait, early night tonight and going to take a mid morning fitness test, but bang up for tomorrow, proper fucking day🔴⚪️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️✅🍺🍕🛏❤️🐶⚽️🔴⚪️✅🍕

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