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3-0, 3-0….

Proper footballing weekend that? Scoring 3 times on Saturday was lovely, England repeating the same score line was the icing on the cake

We probably won’t win the WC, but we might? Already got plans to go to the next one, (it’s 4 years away, but always good to plan ahead), so it would be nice to go as world champions, but we’ll quality anyway I guess? If we do win it, at least it’ll stop West Ham fans banging on about how they won the World Cup in 1966, as Sunderland will have effectively won the World Cup in 2022⚽️👙🏴‍☠️🛁🍕⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🐶❤️✅💥🛁🏴‍☠️👙⚽️🔥🛏🛏⛳️🥊🏏⚽️✅💥🌎

Transfer Window

  • Ross Stewart is a great player, assuming we don’t break our wage structure, (I can empathise with both parties), he’s 100% offski. We’re better with him, but if he wants to go, just go – we’ll be fine ✅ or ❌
  • Bradley Dack, not sure we need another attacking midfielder? He would also need a haircut❌
  • Cameron Archer, my understanding is it’s a done deal, decent player and a perfect loan signing✅

    SAFCBlog 2022 Xmas Party Update Didn’t end up happening on Saturday due to failure of a late fitness test, rescheduled for the Swansea game. Same itinerary, dress code etc any questions DM or email me⚽️ Can’t fucking wait
  • Apologies for bullet point format, but terrified if I press the backwards button, I’ll lose what I’ve written so far!
  • BLACK COCK, (unspecified size), MEDIA UPDATE…. Issue #973/1000 of SAFCBlog tonight, somehow managed not to overly offend anyone over the last 4 years. Had loads of emails today suggesting I was racist. I’m categorically not, sometime ago a small fat Irish fucker, said to me “you’ll always know when someone means you well or harm?”, it’s a simple analysis, (he’s a simple man). But I genuinely don’t believe Diallo will be upset, let’s be honest, the players will be absolutely pissing themselves at this won’t they? Shirley?

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