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The World Cup 2022….

It was the least anticipated WC of my lifetime, football wise it’s been absolutely fantastic, World football is just such a strong product, there’s now loads of, (rather than a few), countries who are really, really good at playing football. Yesterday was just a great day of football, first we saw Croatia, (international version of Wycombe Wanderers ), beat Brazil, then Argentina & Holland served up an absolute thunderbastard of a game last night⚽️💥.❤️🐶

As with any industry the quality of staff varies, it’s no different with commentators, but I wish they’d stop telling us, that’s not what we want to see…..”, whenever it kicks off, that’s exactly what we want to see”

This is what we don’t want to see?….. perhaps you should have practiced penalties instead of stupid dance routines you idiots?❌❌👎
It’s half time you pair of clowns❌❌👎 shameful behaviour, up there with half and half scarves and those eBay gimps with bits of cardboard begging for shirts ❌❌👎
This is much, much better ✅✅👍

The Beautiful Game


Beauty is merely a Social Constuct, even the most beautiful things have lots of things that don’t fit the prescribed norm? There’s so many things that add to it’s appeal…..

It’s not actually any good is it?

VAR is in it’s 3rd season now, (I think), it’s a nice idea to make football fairer, but we’re no better off since it’s introduction? Technology works when applied to an exact science, (goalines, tennis lines etc), it doesn’t work when all parts are moving, It just attempts to make an exact science of opinions, on balance it just confuses the issue and serves to undermine already much maligned refs?

This would never happen with VAR?
VAR – my arse


And fucking stay down you little geordie ginger piss biscuit”
No issue with this, providing teams are prepared to take what they dish out. I’m too old to play sport, (apart from golf), golf is the perfect example of a game played between the ears, there’s shithousery aplenty, just need to keep calm, not bite and not get rattled🏴‍☠️⛳️🛏✅

Just to clarify, appropriate shithouse behaviour is a key element of elite sport, and shouldn’t be confused with cheating, which is different, like those Chinese female swimmings with cocks, (*), or those drugged up cyclists…. Seamless link to the greatest tweet of all time…..
This will never ever grow old

Lionel Messi

* There’s no doubt he’s better than Ronalda✅
* He’s nowhere near as good as Maradonna❌
  • He’s clearly a complete shithouse✅
Great player > bit of a cock?

Great to see Argentina and Holland at each other last night, exactly what we want to see, I’d go so far as to say, just let them have a scrap at the end if that’s what they want?

Club Football

The Championship is better than the Premiership, today it’s back….

Completely random set of results are per usual.
3 of our next 4 games are against teams in the bottom 5, this means absolutely nothing in this league.

We don’t play til Monday, but we did come back a week early to smash 3 past Millwall last weekend❤️ Hard to believe we went over a full season with no footie, a week seems a long time now and a two week break feels like an absolute eternity.


Shite blog tomorrow previewing WBA, a Kris Day teatime SPZL and a look at Tony Mowbray’s confectionary preferences, then it’s over to Adam, (Guest Blogger with a very tidy haircut), to write some shite about the WBA match, as I’m unavailable for selection til next weekend.

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