SAFCBlog #998 – SAFC cruise past lower league Shrewsbury

What else is there to do on Saturday? “If we don’t get through on Saturday Jamie?

Travel logistics

Cold, dark and wet in Gods Own County,

It’s a right bitch getting to Shrewsbury, but no complaints, we all have choices and modern cars are so reliable nowadays✅

Here’s away you Red and White Shaggers⚪️🔴🪑⚽️“

Getting there

Weather shite > tunes good > can’t remember so many wet Saturday mornings in one season?

Rain clears✅ Be there for 1pm✅

It was going so well? I’m a huge believer in positive thinking and making plans etc, conversely it’s a futile exercise worrying about things you have no control over? Cars are functional, but there’re not like dogs or people, they are just cars, I love all dogs and the occasional person, but a car is just a car? SAFCBlog car had a blip today, it’s 1.15pm and we are in Chester, but it’ll be fine. A quick check of fixtures and Chester and Wrexham are both away, so SAFCBlog does the sensible thing and heads to Greggs for some tomato soup and a wander around Chester Racecourse….

Chester Races Away, turns out there’s plenty else to do on a Saturday ⚽️ 🐎 🔴⚪️🍅 🥣

Picture this….

Still waiting on any guest photos from yesterday, no more nudes, tractors or cows please Garry,(Hotpants), Summerson🥊🐄. Fortunately I got some high quality snaps, I say fortunately because ex SAFCBlog photographer and general idiot failed as per normal.

A 12 hour day, some extreme weather, the historic city of Chester, some Welsh mountains, huge opportunity torJeff to redeem himself and start 2023 positively? Not a chance, here’s a blurred picture of a tyre shop waiting room.

Back on track

Depart Chester at 2.05pm, whilst today is a cup game, there’s every chance that SAFCBlog might still be awarded 3 points in the forthcoming weeks 👮‍♀️ 💥

The game

Only miss the first 5 minutes, game on⚽️

  • Completely control the game
  • Much stronger team selection than I’d expected?
  • We were about 10 yards away from Roberts getting fouled, rather than give a penalty the ref books him for driving, just a shocking decision
Stonewall penalty⚽️ Was right in front of us, 100% a penalty.
Rather us scoring from 12 yards, they have free kick

2nd HALF

  • Continue to dominate
  • They score from a rare foray into our half
  • Don’t want to lose, really don’t want a draw either
  • Quite pleased to equalise, (from a corner! More on that in the next blog), just because their fans were being such pricks
  • 2-1, great goal, funny and joyous in equal measure
Play to the final whistle you tinpot, Mag loving, pseudo Welsh, lower league jobbers… we probably won’t win the cup, but we might? We’ve certainly got more chance than those horrible, obsessed, sport washing, journalist beheaders up the road though?

The Draw

Owls 1 vs Magpies 0, lovely ⚽️✅, will they ever win a trophy on colour TV?
And then Tony Mowbray says, get a couple in for Josh Windass, Carrick and Beheadie Howe don’t want a drink, they’re not in the next round with us

Doesn’t matter who we get, I’d assumed it would be 7pm tomorrow night as part of the The One Show, turns out it’s 4pm today. SAFCBlog likes routine, at 4pm on a Sunday I’m out watching footie, with a fat printer, a pointer and the Scottish twins…. The publishing platform I use is not overly user friendly, but as I limp towards a new era, (1001 onwards), I might incorporate a video of the excitement of the cup draw live from SAFCBlog Sunday Club. Fear not, I’m not going all YouTube, just thought it would freshen up the format, the IT department, (Adam), is closed on a Sunday, so don’t hold your breath.

Player ratings…

Going to revisit in another blog tonight, (what a time to be alive fucking eh?), lots of positives today….

  • It’s precisely a year ago since Patterson made his debut, Bass did great today, it will have done him the world of good
  • Rigg is 15❤️
  • Amad obviously not off back to United this season, given his availability for selection today
  • Michut did well after a very difficult 45 minutes at Blackpool
  • I think we might see the best of Trai Hume in the remainder of the season, he looks class
  • Ross Stewart was out for 3 months, he’s been back 5 games, (two starts and three 30 minute cameos as a sub), he’s scored in all 5 games⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ He is the key to our future success❤️
  • Luke O’Nien epitomises everything we should all love about this group of players
Let’s not forget he’s not even a defender, he’s been brilliant the last 18 months❤️⚽️

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