SAFCBlog Awards 2018/19

SAFCBlog Awards 2018/19

SAFCBlog Awards “2018/19 nicest player of the season, with a view to future kit sponsorship”, a bit of niche category this, perhaps should have considered this when I declared there were 10, (ten), categories. Welcome to more cutting edge journalism….

Awards 7,8,9 and 10 going to be a right fucking laugh eh? Sensing that I might be running out of ideas, the appeal for ideas via email was a huge success of sorts……

Thanks to David Whelan of Billingham who suggested I’m a “Bell~end” and a special mention from Sam Trout, (surely not?), who took the time to say the blog was “absolutely fucking shit”. As always, any comments or ideas greatly appreciated, ~ a member of the media team will reply within an hour or so.

SAFC Blog player sponsorship

Player sponsorship is a complicated world…. after sponsoring Jordi Gomez, (he took 3 corners at Stoke and all 3 went out for goal kick!), Steve Harper, (fat 3rd choice goalkeeper). 

Fear not cynics… 6 weeks after Khazri scored an absolute worldie vs Chelsea to effectively secure our premiership status and relegate the Mags… it was time sponsor Khazri….

SAFC Blog Awards

Premiership superstar. Fast forward a few months, Big Sam has gone and we have Dour Dave….

SAFC Blog player sponsorship

Khazri… FAT… “I know what you did last summer”

SAFC Blog awards 2018/19 nicest player of the seaon with a view to kit sponsorship

Picture of dogs smoking fags playing snooker, (unsigned), no doubt worth more than the other picture shown?

SAFC Blog sponsored Khazri

Not a fucking chance this shirt would fit him? (Wine, bloggers own)

So…. player sponsorship a bad thing??

Perhaps not…..

Those of us who have had the pleasure of following SAFC this season, will be aware that Luke O’Nien is not only a class footballer, (he’s only going to get better), but he’s a class act.

“Marry my daughter you say? Of course and thanks for asking Luke”

Luke O'Nien Sunderland AFC

Luke, (circled) ~ gives a shit…. William Grigg take note

Gone are the days of Fletcher and Whickham buying £200 bottles of champagne for munters….

Luke spends his holidays in a much better way.

(Lazy bastard…. Luke, 25 sit ups twice a day will shift that gut????)
SAFC Blog Awards 2018/19

“If…… you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs…… what’s more…. you’ll be a man my son” Roger Kipling ~ exceedingly good poems

Charlie and Max rescue Luke…. that fat inbred in the shit grey tracksuit better hope that Lee Cattermole seals his deal to Sheffield weds before we revisit???

SAFCBlog Awards Luke O’Nien

So, after a few shite player sponsorship experiences, SAFCBlog would like to throw their hat in the ring to sponsor Luke in 2019/20. Watch this space………


Next time…..SAFCBlog Awards continued 7/10

Sending off of the season, (what a time to be alive?????)  

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