SAFCBlog – Bang Average Wednesday’s….

“It’s a Blogs Life…..”

Strange days ….. loads of independents are struggling. When we were playing 2 games a week and I was travelling the country, this Blog was at best ‘almost fit for purpose’.

Absolute Tinpot Shambles…. The Jobs Fucked?

Yep 100% – no footie, no days out. New kit soon… transfer window soon…..

Things are not good, actually they are significantly worse than that….

Blogging a dead horse…..

…… so, the jobs fucked??

Nah…. we’re ok

We’ve got Stewart Donald…..

“I understand that pal, but I ordered an XL with extra short sleeves”

We’ve got Charlie Methven…..

‘Tally ho you thick northern idiots…. you can trust me”

We’ve got Juan Satori…….

“Ok….. in Uruguay when I say, ‘I’ll get the Marching Powder and you sort the chicks”….. it isn’t like this

Shithouse Owners?

“Ohhhhhh shitttttt!”

Yep 100%, but it matters not… this is our club… football is a beautiful game

Sunderland 0 vs Abject Misery FC 1, (AET – Grigg Own Goal)

So everything is going to be ok then?

Yep 100% …. it’s going to just fine…. I promise

But we’re in Division 3, we’re skint and we are owned by a pair of knobbers…..

Fair assessment…. but these clowns are just passing through, this is our club. I miss football, I love football, I miss my mates, I miss motorway service stations….. I miss so, so much about watching SAFC…..but we’ll be back. Of course there’s other stuff to do…..behind closed doors footie on SKY, walking, dogging, fishing, golfing, launching a clothing brand…. but nothing compares to watching SAFC?

Deceased fop haired crank Prince wrote a beautiful song. I’m loathe to generalise, but it’s often said that women from Ireland are mental….. a generation ago as a young man paving my way in London , I had a relationship with an Irish girl – she was mad as a box of frogs! Whilst it would make a good blog post, an account the Whipps Cross Midwives Disco would be my last post? It’s up there with the Kings Cross Dwarf situation…….

Anyway, SAFCBlog is loathe to generalise, (it was my intention to tell you Angelique, I promise)……

I digress, Gaelic Lunatic Sinead O’Connor, (mad as a cut snake), delivered the song in a beautiful manner. So….. SAFC, can’t wait to be back…… Nothing Compares 2U

SAFCBlog – FTM – You are what you wear⚽️🇸🇪

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