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Books are not just the domain of clever types, they are universally popular, whether it be fiction like The Bible, or factual stuff like Micheal Palin going on a long holiday. I don’t read books, I don’t have the attention span, I struggle with films due their longevity. I do however write an online blog, I can just about manage that.

Books are often read on holiday, whilst I’m partial to going on holiday, the desire to read a book is not on my to do list. Well never say never…..

Taking the plunge……

But Why?

I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who has written a book, Matthew isn’t one of my closet Friends, (in fact we’ve never actually met). As aforementioned I write a blog, it’s essentially a SAFC based football blog, it’s average at best, but the fact that some people read it, is hugely satisfying. Matt writes a, (similarly average), blog, which is focused on Blackpool FC – it’s ok, much of the content that’s any good, (all relative, low bar etc), in my blog is pretty much plagiarised from his blog….

Blackpool FC ……

They went up last year, their fans are decent, lockdown was shite and led to me using Social Media more, whilst much maligned Twitter is mostly positive, and the Blackpool fans I’ve met*, (*not actually), met are class. As a club they’ve proper been through it, they are now in the safest of safe hands of Simon Sadler, after finally getting rid of Owen Oyston, who made that Short Armed Prick Donald and his Cockwomble pal, look like err Simon Sadler.

It’s always the ones you least expect…….”
“A complete fucking wrong un”

Not behaving like pricks shouldn’t be difficult for a fanbase, and before the analogy is made that Blackpool have been Premiership and plummeted like us, let’s just remember this would mean Coventry, (and to a lesser extent Pompey), fans would also be decent.

The Book Review…….

The written media is full of the same old shite, given how much I enjoyed reading this book I may not wait another 20 years before reading another book. Most club specific books naturally appeal almost exclusively to the club in question, this is just a mint read for any football fan…. the beauty of the beautiful game, the high and lows, the hope, the passion, the camaraderie, the joy of experiencing it with loved ones, the pain of experiencing it without loved ones, the bizarreness of lockdown, the joy of Wembley….. in summary, it’s a bit better than I expected, yes the photos are crap – but just as the sound on a Fall Peel Session was not always the best, somethings are just better crap.

Fucking great read Matt⚽️??⚫️⚪️⚽️

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