SAFCBlog….. Blogging, Dogging, Blagging & Surviving Monday SPZL

I could say it’s a tough gig penning North Yorkshires Premier SAFC Themed Online Blog, but it’s really not….. no longer working✅ walk dogs✅ play golf✅ write shite✅ sleep✅ repeat✅, (go to tip tuesday✅)
Roughly translated to….. average, no need to retweet, share or even pretend to enjoy

SAFC News…..

Latest News……. We are ball #33

North of the border…..

SAFCBlog is big,(ish), in Dundee….. any DUFC types reading this…. I’m available for podcasts, pub, layby meets etc to discuss the best dressed man in football, #coolwashmeriinosoftknitklub
Ouuch aye ya wee pish bastard, ya ken ma wee man?

Niche Monday Shithouse Klub….

Dates are huge to us all, I run a tinpot t shirt concession, 1973 features in so many email addresses of SAFC fans who order. I’d like to say I’m not huge on dates….. Fathers Day yesterday…. tough one. Even through my snapshot of folk who read this shite, lots have lost their dads, realistically, (and hopefully – just in terms of the life cycle), lots will also lose theirs in the coming years……. My dad taught me how to be a dad…..

Do read….. don’t read etc ❤️

Onwards and upwards…. takes time….. but that time will come… I promise…. Martin said so❤️

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