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I’m no illusions that this blog is at best, ok, repetitive, better than some other blogs…. but imagine having to write this shite? It’s a labour of love for me 100%, I could monetise the site, but before you know it, it’d be like a, (better), version of the Sunderland Echo / Newcastle Chronicle, with adverts taking over…. thats not for me.

The Close Season….

Each to their own, the catalyst for this blog was despair at the local media & messageboards and more so a healing process for losing my dad. During the 42 weeks of the season, I’m massively invested in all things SAFC…. for 10 weeks in summer I switch off, yeah we might sell or buy someone, yeah the fixtures are released….. for me, I’ll pitch up in August, when we will field 11 wizards in Red n White and we we play each of the other 23 teams twice….

Pre Season……

Previews, reviews etc in due course⚽️ I miss footie, blogs incoming re: Noel Gallagher, (Halifax Away) & Skylights, (Leeds Away), and before you know it…. it’ll be footie time❤️⚽️✅

2022/23…. We go again….

I’m genuinely humbled that people read this, tough month for me June💔, and another great man lost today….. live every moment, none of us live forever 💙

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