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Strange days indeed…..2020 started with a trip to Fleetwood, just a few days after a morale boosting win at Doncaster – New Years Resolutions not my bag, but it’s naturally a time of looking back and of course looking forward. As always what lies ahead is somewhat unknown…. but….. could anyone have predicted or envisaged how 2020 would turn out?

‘Even 20/20 vision could not have foreseen 2020?’

What Next?

Unless you’re psychic, (which no one is), it’s impossible to know what lies ahead. SAFCBlog is concerned only with all things SAFC. Whilst not dismissing the seriousness of a global pandemic, let’s look at where we are headed, (purely from a football fans perspective)….

Bubbles, Distancing….. I think I understand the guidance from the club, they are obviously doing everything they can do and also everything they have to do. Lockdown was surreal and for most of us unprecedented, it was however fairly straightforward, the current situation is much more ambiguous. 

Behind Closed Doors…..we all know the reasons why and we are probably getting, (a little bit), used to it. As aforementioned Lockdown felt like a duty / responsibility. On Saturday whilst we were beating Gateshead behind closed doors….

….. this was a non league friendly taking place at the same time
….. last night the streets of Marseille were bouncing after PSG failed to become Champions of Europe.

I’m not for one minute saying the two aforementioned situations are the same – but we are either in football lockdown,  or we are not? Something will have to change at some point, deciding how and when is not easy, predominately due to it being unchartered territory? Having choices sometimes makes decisions harder to make….

Ch – ch – ch – Choices….

Still don’t know what I was waiting for…… and my time was running wild, a million dead end streets……and every time I thought I’d got it made……It seemed the taste was not so sweet”

Choosing choices is not easy, it’s made even harder when it’s not really known what the consequences of said choices may turn out to be. I want to go back to the match and have my Matchday back – but I’m also mindful to be responsible. It’s fine lines, every one of us takes risks of sorts, we do this to a huge variation of levels, but a life without risk is not a life, (lockdown I guess?). So at some stage we’ll need a degree of risk taking if we are going to recapture a degree of normality.

I’m not suggesting an irresponsible approach, but we surely cannot just give up on going to football. Every time  we make a choice, we take a risk….driving, exercising, food choices, drinking, smoking, DIY, public transport, travelling abroad, cooking, shopping… in fact every time we leave the house. So at some stage, we need to get back on the proverbial horse?

Risk it for a Biscuit?

Danger is everywhere…..
At some stage we need to access ‘risk vs science?’

So….. do we get back on the horse or give up riding, fight or flight, give up or face up? It’s a really tough call, of course I’m worried that they still seem to be ramping up testing etc. 24 hour news is primed, ready, more willing than they should be and absolutely desperate to go, as regards reporting the return of COVID to it’s peak levels.

For the uninitiated … let’s get on the ‘Get on the breakfast beers, train cans and back to the footie ASAP, it’s what Chris Whitty would want us to do’


Most definitely not, it’s a fucking right can of works, (located in the middle of a minefield). We will have to make choices at some stage, do we concede that the jobs fucked? Or do we dust ourselves down, front it up and try to move forward. It could be a toughie … but let’s get back on the horse?

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Let’s get back on that horse….

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