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The primary focus of this blog is to look at the Matchday experience, both building up to it and reviewing it. SAFCBlog should be as excited as Pip Schofield the night before the new clipboard carrying trainees start at This Morning. Sadly, there is no such excitement, whilst we start our 1st team campaign tomorrow, we are not allowed to go and watch.

I’ve already previewed tomorrows match, so will today take a general look at football and all things SAFC.

Cambridging The Gap……

2020 has been strange, at present you can go to pub and get completely Ant McPartlined, but you can’t go for a meal with more than 5 other people. In Glasgow, you can’t go to your nans, but you can go to the pub and get Alan Braziled on Tennents….

Shona 1 vs Corona 0, (Friel, 28)

Scotch people – always steaming

Cambridge is renowned for clever people….

Cambridge University President Stephen Fry – wouldn’t fancy playing him at Trivial Pursuit
Progress is definitely being made

Fans being allowed at the odd game is undoubtedly progress, hopefully it’s the start of a return to normality. I totally understand the cautious approach, but we are being dealt a shite hand at present. Next Saturday Sunderland will be destroying Bristol Rovers in the League 1 opener still the SOL….

I’m one of 12’000 season ticket holders in this 48’500 stadium, (that’s 4 seats each). Whilst I can watch the game in the pub, I can’t enter the ground!

With the SOL deemed unsafe, I’ll probably head to Whitby to watch York, thankfully Whitby have the facilities to host a crowd?

Kneesy like Sunday morning…..

This blog serves to write about football and have a bit of a laugh along the way. The last thing on my agenda is politics, as I’m firmly of the belief that politics and football should be very separate subjects. A recent example of this being the media outcry, for Premier League Footballers to donate some of their pay to the NHS…. I love football, I have the upmost regard for the NHS, but how is one relevant to the other? I’m not a huge fan of minutes applause at games for an increasing number of reasons. I suppose it’s slightly hypocritical, but I’m immensely proud of the way that SAFC handle Remembrance. 

Political Panthers 1 vs Beautiful Game Badgers 0, (Rees-Mogg, 55)

It’s off limits to comment, but I will; it’s not a statement of opinion, it’s just an observation from a football fan…….. “I love watching football, there’s loads of shite and good  stuff in every walk of of life. Any prejudice whether it be on gender, ethnicity, race, class, sexuality, beliefs, disability is deplorable and lacks class. Every single fan going to a match has stuff to deal with. For me Football offers a wonderful escape from ‘real life’, by real life I mean….work, family pressures, anxiety, health, depression, bereavement …. it’s an almost exhaustive list. Politics is pretty much rammed down our throats by 24 hour media. Let’s keep football separate and go to the football for the football. So, for me it’s time for players to stop ‘taking to the knee’ prior to every football match” …. let’s move on in the best way possible.

A hot potato yesterday – game of opinions as always

Danny Graham…..

He’s 35, he was shit last time, he often looked like he wasn’t trying….. but he’s scored every 3rd game at Blackburn at a mostly higher level, SAFCBlog is firmly behind anyone it Red & White. He wouldn’t be top of the wish list, but we haven’t got a pot to piss in, so it’s probably a sensible option? 

Transfer Budget 2 vs No Money Utd 0, (Grigg 2, Graham 29)

Assuming Graham arrives today, good luck Danny, SAFCBlog is right behind you.

You cut your cloth accordingly? Graham is as much striker as you get for fuck all?

Carabao Cup…..

Fizzy energy drinks are not my bag, I just don’t like the taste of them. That said any company sponsoring football in these challenging times deserves to be applauded. The bloke who keeps posting on Twitter that he’s going to buy SAFC is something to do with fizzy energy pop…. 


Hull City….

We’ll win tomorrow, Hull are a decent club, but are at present an absolute fucking shambles. We’ve played them loads in recent times, bizarrely we used to play them the week after we’d beaten the Mags, after 3 of our 6 in a row, we played them and always lost…..

6 days after the ‘Borini 2-1’, we lost 1-0 at Boothferry Park
6 days after the ‘DiCanio 3-0’, we lost 2-0

5 days after the very happiest of Christmas’s , we lost 3-1 at home to Hull
AJ, (pictured left), ‘4 in a row pal….. i can see you becoming a Sunderland Legend??? Just don’t do owt daft….

We also had the 0-3 in the FA Cup 6th round, (with Championship Sheff Utd waiting in the Semi Finals). Horrible day, horrible team selection….

No wonder the poor lad was always fucking injured?

SAFCBlog predicts ….. 2-0 or 3-0, and Mags in round 2

Pitch Perfect…….

In less than 18 hours the red and white wizards of wonderland, start their season. It should be exciting, I should be struggling to sleep…..

SAFCBlog – Labrador Media

So….it should feel exciting, this is not how it feels…..

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